I love to travel but due to insane travel costs within Canada, I don’t get to do a lot of it. Also traveling as a single person can be difficult when you’re a plus sized person. I am looking to travel in September once I’ve met my health and fitness goals. I’m determined to make it.

I’m still undecided on where I am going to go. It’s a toss up between Quebec City, Niagra Falls and Vancouver Island.

I like going somewhere new every other year for new experiences. Some of my favorite cities to visit so far: Halifax, Montreal, Vancouver, and small towns like Jasper, Banff and Hinton for hiking. But travel in those areas has become difficult since Greyhound shut off their service.

So, if you’re in Edmonton and looking for a travel partner or can recommend a tour bus service that isn’t too expensive – let me know. I’m always looking for travel ideas on a budget. I’m working part time for the summer – and really do hope to get away more this year.

I’ll update this page with stories of my travels and older photos. Photography is a hobby. I’m no professional. But there’s something relaxing about nature photography.



Kelowna – Wine Country

Halifax – Harbour Life