Another milestone! 600 followers

I couldn’t believe how many notifications I received last night after my last two posts. I watched as my list of followers continued to grow and right now as I type this – the blog is sitting at 600 followers. Now, compared to blogs with thousands of followers I know that doesn’t seem like much….

It snowed. A lot. Like really, a lot.

Last night was terrible. I couldn’t sleep at all. I crawled into bed around 2 am but was still wide awake around 5. I must have got some sleep at some point because I remember some weird dreams. I pretty much just stumbled out of bed (literally), about thirty minutes ago. It was 11:15 am….

We’ll Meet Again

The other night, I was feeling senitmental about music from my childhood. I mentioned Vera Lynn in a post about music from the “early days”. Music that my grandfather and mother loved. My mother was born and raised in London, England until she was fourteen. The family moved to Canada and if you asked her,…

Monday Mood: In quiet contemplation

Today would have been my parents 52nd wedding anniversary. I was looking at their wedding photos and my dad – I have never seen him smile like he did that day. He hasn’t smiled like that in a long time. I am seeing him on Wednesday for the first time since lock down began. This…

Thursday mood: dreaming of Keanu Reeves

It’s 7:58 am on this dreary Thursday morning. And when I say dreary, I mean it’s nearly pitch black in my condo. Usually by now, the sun is so bright that it wakes me up. But not today. It’s cold and rainy out there. And I kind of like it. I woke up for no…