Wednesday Miracles

It’s Wednesday already. I think it is. The days all look the same now. It’s a bit of a gloomy day outside but it’s snowing which oddly enough makes everything seem brighter. And pretty. It’s like the snowflakes are taking their time falling to the ground. We haven’t had much snow this winter and the…

Classic Chicken Pot Pie

I’m reposting this because I’m craving pot pie. Think I will make one tomorrow night. Last night, I decided to try and make chicken pot pie for the first time. And I have to tell you – it was absolutely delicious. I ate more than I should and my stomach is paying for it today….

Sunday problems – baking disasters

Last night I got the brilliant idea of baking something at 9:00 pm at night. I was craving chocolate cake of all things. I looked online for a bit to find some easy recipes. But you know, most of the recipes are all the same after awhile. People just word it a bit differently, or…

Another milestone! 600 followers

I couldn’t believe how many notifications I received last night after my last two posts. I watched as my list of followers continued to grow and right now as I type this – the blog is sitting at 600 followers. Now, compared to blogs with thousands of followers I know that doesn’t seem like much….

Saturday morning coffee and a bagel thoughts

Once again it’s Saturday morning. I was up and out of bed at 8:00 am despite having restless dreams throughout the night. It’s a fasting day, so I’m finally just eating my usual breakfast and drinking my first coffee of the day. I switched it up to Tim Horton’s instant coffee. It’s not bad. I’m…