Left Over Night – Ham & Egg Fajita Mix

From the title alone, you might think – what in the world has she done to herself? But you know what? I’m eating this right now as I write out this post and with the right blend of spices and yes, ketchup – the golden condiment – this turned out delicious. It’s almost time for…

Classic Chicken Pot Pie

I’m reposting this because I’m craving pot pie. Think I will make one tomorrow night. Last night, I decided to try and make chicken pot pie for the first time. And I have to tell you – it was absolutely delicious. I ate more than I should and my stomach is paying for it today….

Lazy Chicken Fajita Mix

So, I finally cooked. But it was really lazy. How lazy was it? So lazy, that I used chicken tenders from Loblaws and a pre-washed and pre-cut Fajita mix. Yes. I’m cheating a little. But this meal was delicious, healthy and took minutes to prepare. I even managed to clean the kitchen while it was…

Butternut Spaghetti Squash

Looking for an easy, delicious and low carb meal? Then you have to try this butternut spaghetti squash recipe.