Fitness Goals 2021

Well, here we are with just a few days left of 2020. Looking back at previous fitness challenges I’ve set throughout the last year, I’m disappointed in the lack of progress I’ve made. Although some things changed – I’m more mindful of the foods I put into my body and how much I eat –…

Living Well: The importance of a good night’s sleep

Regulating sleep schedules without the use of medicine or supplements Sleep plays a vital role in our overall health. Not only is sleep crucial for daily life, but it is also an important part of weight loss and fitness. In continuation of my fitness challenge theme; and this week’s goal to improve my sleep habits,…

Fitness Tips: How to stay motivated for weight loss

This is a question that pops up often in my Fitness group on a website that shall not be named. I took over the group in 2017 and have turned it into a supportive group for members who want to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy manner. The group grew from under…

Fitness Goals: Fall 2020

Here we are at Monday morning again. It’s foggy, dark and wet outside again. The leaves are quickly falling off the trees. The leaves that are left have all turned orange, yellow and brilliant shades of red. I noticed the beauty of the River Valley on my way home from dad’s house on the weekend….

Fitness Tips: the benefits of intermittent fasting

I’m following up to my post a few months ago on The Skinny of Intermittent Fasting. I’ve been meaning to follow up on my progress with fasting and have been putting it off. This morning, I let out a whoop as I finally noticed a shift in weight. It’s finally heading in the right direction….