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Friday Feeling & Promos – searching for beta testers on products

Is it Friday? I think it is – it must be because I finally got a paycheck and got caught up on some bills. Now that in itself is a terrific feeling. The sun is shining and the weather is still warm for this… Continue Reading “Friday Feeling & Promos – searching for beta testers on products”

Insomnia aftermath: considering a self-lobotomy

Good morning dear readers. It’s 8:00 am on Tuesday morning and I’m wide awake. You might think that I’m turning a new leaf but not really. I haven’t been to bed yet. Actually that’s not true. I have been to bed. But once again,… Continue Reading “Insomnia aftermath: considering a self-lobotomy”

Just another lazy Sunday

It’s Sunday afternoon as I sit down to the computer for the first time. My brain is foggy and I’m trying to make sense of all the weird dreams I had last night. I now remember why I don’t like taking sleeping pills. It’s… Continue Reading “Just another lazy Sunday”

Weekend Art Sale – Etsy promotions!

I promise I will limit Etsy promos to once or twice a week for this blog so I’m not spamming your home feeds. But I’m excited to share with you some my new designs. In an effort to get my shop going and earn… Continue Reading “Weekend Art Sale – Etsy promotions!”