What's Cooking: baked pork chops & vegetables

This is an original recipe that I made for a friend the other night and she loved it. But tonight. I’ve got the meat marinating in the fridge and tonight, I’m going to bake the dish instead of frying – for something different. This is a great dish to make on a cold wintry day….

What's Cooking: five days of … kale

I’ve been focusing on mostly art and music this last week. I’m still on my fitness challenge and trying desperately to lose weight. I cook almost every day – except for days when I have leftovers from the night before. I’m experimenting more with healthy desserts using frozen fruits as well. I ate kale last…

Fitness challenge: the coffee experiment

The past few days I’ve been experimenting with cutting coffee out of my diet. Not completely. Because – coffee. But as my weight continues to increase, my energy levels continue to dwindle and it seems like everything else is going to shit – I thought it was time to make some major changes in my…

Fitness: what does fitness mean to you?

Fitness and Weight Loss – a once toxic and hostile forum, slowly evolved into a supportive community with nearly 10,000 followers. A group that I proudly own and have managed for two years.   For the past couple of years, I’ve run a fitness group on an adult website. When I took the group over as…

Fitness: measuring progress – without a scale (repost)

Well, that was a huge disappointment. I finally bit the bullet today purchased a replacement battery for my Weight Watchers scale. I’m inclined to think that the scale is not accurate. I know I’ve lost weight. I can feel it in my clothes. I know my bath towel feels a lot bigger around my hips….