Health: self care tips for chronic joint pain

In follow up to my whine/rant this morning about the cold weather and joint pain, I decided to come back and add another post about self-care for those like me, who do suffer from the joys of chronic joint pain. For me the pain comes and goes. It isn’t constant which I am grateful for….

Tuesday Morning Ramblings

This summer has been a major bust. I don’t think we’ve seen temperatures higher than 22 degrees Celsius in over a month. Normally, I love the chilly rainy weather. But because there is so much moisture in the air, like rain every day, my knees are screaming at me. The joint pain is almost unbearable…

My Top 5 Fitness Resources

Reposting because this is good information. I’ve scoured the internet and picked what I think are some of the best resources for fitness and weight loss. Here is a list of my top five go-to’s for advice on exercises, and general weight loss advice. Body Building .Com This channel isn’t just for lifters. I often…

Fitness: Measure your weight loss – sans scale

Well, that was a huge disappointment. I finally bit the bullet today purchased a replacement battery for my Weight Watchers scale. I’m inclined to think that the scale is not accurate. I know I’ve lost weight. I can feel it in my clothes. I know my bath towel feels a lot bigger around my hips….

Fitness Goals: Healthy Eating

I celebrated Mother’s Day with the women in my family today. It was a lovely afternoon. And since we were downtown, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and walked around the River Valley. I was not dressed for the walk. I’m not big into wearing dresses so I had worn black dress…