WordPress is a weird place – algorithms, stats and more.

I’m not sure I’ll be renewing my site in the spring. I’m finding WordPress to be a really weird place in general. Last Tuesday, I made a random post about how I was feeling that day and got over 100 views. It wound up being my most popular day in months for views and engagements….

Monday Ramblings – Education really is important.

My plans for getting up early this morning were foiled. I was in bed by 1:00 am last night but just could not sleep again. I finally fell asleep around 3:00 am and entered la la land. My dreams were so far out there too and I dreamed of friends I haven’t seen since my…

Inspiration: why comfort will ruin your life (Ted Talks)

For inspiration, I’m watching some Ted Talks on youtube. Here are some gems I stumbled across – just in case you need some inspiration like I do. How to change careers with Felicia Ricci (Yale) Isolation is the dream killer Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life

Moving forward, fitness goals, career aspirations

Today is definitely a better day. I think I’m all caught up on sleep. By the time I rolled out of bed, I felt pretty amazing. For the first time in a long time. The pain is minimal today. I have pretty good energy. I have plans for the day. I’m making plans in my…