As of January 2021, I am officially licensed to run a home based business in Edmonton, Alberta as a consultant. I am offering a variety of services for select clients or small business owners.

Coaching Sessions

While I have worked in addictions and mental health, and the health field in program administration, I am not a counselor. Something I believe strongly in is helping to reduce the stigma of mental health illness. I believe that people should be able to discuss their fears and concerns openly without worry of being discriminated. While I cannot diagnose you nor can I treat your illness – what I can do is offer coping techniques that have worked for me. As a life coach in training, I can offer a variety of services to help you through challenging times.

What you get in return is someone who is empathetic, open-minded and ready to listen. Sessions will be conducted via Skype (audio only), Zoom or Google Hang Out. Use the contact form to contact me for quote.

All services will be provided remotely. Your privacy will be respected.

Disclaimer: I cannot diagnose a condition, prescribe medications or treat any illnesses. What I can do is offer suggestions on how to get the treatment you need. I can also try and connect you to resources and organizations that may be able to help you out.I cannot offer you legal advice or financial advice. These are not my areas of expertise. I can help you search for someone in your area who you can hire.

General Consultations

  • Conflict resolution – how to communicate with others effectively to resolve conflict
  • Coping techniques for difficult situations – stress management
  • General fitness and weight loss advice – help you to create workout plans and meal plans
  • Creative outlets – help you to discover your hidden talents and skills
  • Custom meditation and affirmations (audio recording) – self help to build confidence

Spiritual Healing

If your concerns are of a spiritual nature, I can help. I’ve studied various religions and practices over the years out of pure interest. Something I really enjoy doing as a hobby is giving Tarot and Rune readings for friends. Readings are a great and entertaining way to help you come to a decision about a current issue. For a bit of background, I was raised Catholic but do not practice formal religion. I am an open minded person with open minded beliefs.

Questions for readings should be open-ended. I can’t give you a definite yes or no answer. What I can do is offer an in-depth insight into your current problem and offer some recommendations based on what the cards suggest and my own interpretations.

If you’re looking for some fun entertainment – then select the basic reading at which I will provide a card analysis for you.

  • Healing Runes Basic Reading: $15
  • Tarot Card Reading Basic Reading: $25
  • Celtic Cross Spread (in-depth evaluation): $50
  • Numerology Report: $50
  • Dream Interpretation and Analysis: contact me

I’ve used runes and cards for myself over the years and have given readings to friends.

Virtual Assistant

Are you a small business who can’t keep up with your growing client list? Or are you a single parent struggling to keep up with your day to day tasks? Or perhaps you can’t afford a full time assistant? Then I can definitely help you out!

I have over 20 years of experience in office administration. A bulk of that time was spent in the provincial government overseeing projects and committees as a secretariat. I also supported VIPs and Assistant Deputy Ministers in corporate offices.

Disclaimer: services will be offered remotely.

Services offered:

  • Calendar management coaching – suggestions on how to manage your time and calendar
  • Client relationship management– create a client database of your clients or customers, or ongoing maintenance of your current client list
  • Communication – be the final set of eyes on your official correspondence, draft communication, design letterheads and templates
  • Data entry – for special projects (99 wpm)
  • File management – implementing a filing naming system with Google Docs or Cloud
  • Note taking – record minutes during your meetings or phone calls or transcribe from digital audio
  • Writing services – blog and website content, product descriptions,

Guest Blogger

Interested in collaboration? If you’re looking for a freelance blog writer or guest write to appear on your blog – I’m available. I have no problem writing up 1000 words daily. I usually do for this blog! I have a wicked typing speed of 99 wpm and can produce quick turn around times.

Contact me with your offer!

Affiliate Partnerships

I’m open to affiliate partnerships with the right brand or organization. If you think you might be a fit for my blog – send me a message.

Commercial Licenses

If you’d like to use any of my designs for commercial purposes, contact me for a commercial license. To check out some of my creations you can visit YouTube or my new Etsy shop.

About Me

My professional background is varied as I have a lot of interests. I spent 40 years in the music world in competition, performance and composing. I recently retired from stage performance and record music on occasion for YouTube and Spotify. In addition to that, I volunteer as a church organist at a small Danish church since 2005. I started performing for family weddings and parties when I was a teenager. I have formal training in music – classical piano, clarinet (city band), classical organ and theory. Music history is an interest of mine as well.

Art and graphic design became second nature to me. I wanted to learn how to create my own album art and banner for YouTube and Facebook. I dived into it deeper and learned how to create all kinds of digital products. I’ve used sites like Shopify, Sellfy and have an Etsy store that I just opened last month.

In my professional career, I have worked in office administration since 2000 after abandoning the retail industry for good. I served as a cashier and assistant supervisor for a local liquor store back in the 90’s for three years. I first started my government career working in the AADAC VIP offices in 2004. I spent six years in health administration with a focus on addictions and mental health, and also the Tri-lateral Negotiation Committee for the provincial healthcare system. It was a great job and I learned a lot from the all day committee meetings.

The following is a list of courses that I have taken in the last five years.

Credentials – Professional Development

  • Coping with difficult people and situations (government)
  • Critical thinking (government)
  • CRM management (trained on MS Dynamics)
  • Stress management in the workplace (government)
  • Stakeholder engagement facilitation and logistics (government)
  • Omanitew Training – Residential Schools and First Nations protcols

Related Training

  • 2020 – E-Commerce, building online stores (Sellfy, Etsy)
  • 2020 – Introduction to Marketing – Coursera
  • 2021 – Infographics – Coursera
  • 2019 – Business Writing – NAIT
  • 2018 – Basics of Business Writing – government
  • 2016 – Essentials to Business Writing – government

Technical Skills

  • E-Commerce – Shopify (beginner), Sellfy, Etsy,
  • Graphic Design – Affinity Publisher, Adobe Spark, Canva, Corel Painter Essentials
  • Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest
  • Music – Cubase 10.5 PRO, Goldwave, Audacity
  • SEO – Marmalade, E-rank
  • Template Design – stationery, digital planners, planners, wall art
  • Websites & Blogging – Bandzoogle, Wix, WordPress
  • Video Editing – Windows Movie Maker, Renderforest,

Unfortunately, the Adobe products do not work on my computer. Affinity Publisher is a robust program in which I use to create digital planners for my Etsy shop.

Get a Quote

If you’re interested in hiring me for ongoing services, let’s chat. We can connect for a consultation. We can discuss your needs and budget via Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom. I will respond by sending you a form to complete. Payments are flexible and can be made with PayPal. Canadian tax will apply at 5%.