For serious job offers, I will submit my full professional resume for your consideration along with references. The following is a high level summary of my professional experience. Names of organizations withheld for privacy reasons. For the intent of this blog, I prefer to keep things anonymous – but have no fear. I am a real person.

I am seeking opportunities in marketing, freelance writing, or to work as a virtual assistant. Ideally, I would be interested in long-term employment or contracts.

Objective: to find employment as freelancer, blogger, writer or virtual assistant or consultant the option to work remotely is important.

Basic Information

  • Current location: Alberta, Canada
  • Languages: English, basic French, very little Danish
  • Requested salary: highest paid salary was $65,000

Highlights of Skills

  • Nearly 40 years of experience in music including stage performance, competition, church organ music and organizing concerts
  • Nearly 15 years of experience working in the public sector in various administrative roles including supporting an ADM’s office.
  • Research and data collection for interim and annual reports – Addiction and Mental Health, Mental Health Capacity Building Projects in Schools project
  • Senior support in Negotiations Unit in Alberta Health, Secretariat support to the Tri-lateral Master Agreement Negotiation committee that oversaw provincial health care
  • Over twenty years of experience in Office Administration
  • Exceptional writing skills with blogging experience, social media marketing and writing ad campaigns for my music.

Professional Development – completed

  • Welcoming change into your life
  • Effective business writing
  • Effective communication in the work place
  • Writing basics
  • Critical thinking
  • Coping with difficult people
  • Stress management in the workplace

Indigenous Training

  • Omanitew Protocols training 2018
  • Indigenous Introductory training 2018
  • Basics of smudging, sharing circles and ceremonial practices 2017
  • Working with Elders, sage picking 2016

Formal Education

  • Advanced grammar – NAIT – 2019
  • Introduction to Journalism – Coursera – 2018 (audited)
  • Introduction to Marketing – Coursera – 2013
  • Introduction to Accounts Payable – Coursera – 2014
  • Word Processing and Office Administration – Academy of Learning – 1997
  • High School Diploma – Edmonton – 1995

Technical Skills

  • WordPress personal plan for website design, maintenance and blog writing
  • Experience using WordPress, Wix, Bandzoogle, Reverbnation, Blogger
  • Basic graphic design using programs like Corel Painter Essentials and Canva
  • Proficient use with Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, and Adobe pdf files
  • Hobby photographer and photo editor
  • Music production including composing, editing, formatting of audio files (Cubase PRO 7.0, Audacity, Goldwave)
  • Full music set up with a digital piano, Blue Snowball microphone, Nikon P900 camera, and a wealth of vst instruments

Professional Experience

2015-2020 – Admin Assistant – role in public sector with heavy focus on Indigenous community engagement (salary: less than I was worth) – took a pay cut for a permanent position

2010-2014 – Senior Secretary – AHS – senior level experience in Addictions and Mental Health – compiling data from 250 project staff for interim and annual reports to Alberta Health (salary: $64,500).

2008 – 2010 – Senior Admin – Alberta Health: supported the Negotiations unit and ADM’s office – managed communication for the entire department, helped with support of administrative team, supported the Tri-lateral Negotiation committee (Secretariat support) (salary: $51,000).

2005-2007 – Admin Support – NorQuest College: Student Employment Office – assisted students with career planning, resume creation and job search. Also helped plan college wide events including job fairs and fundraisers – 2006 raised over $2 million for the college. I was laid off due to cut backs. (salary: $47,100).

References available upon request. I have managed several websites and blogs over the years but requested the websites to be deleted for financial reasons.