E-Book – Dream Speak (Spiritualism)


Ever wanted to learn about dream magic? This e-book covers the basics of what the practice of Shamanism and how ancient shamans used dream magic to heal patients. Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spiritual practices recorded in history. In this book, I also cover the topics of animal speak, totem animals, drum medicine and more.  In addition to the E-book, you will also receive 20 worksheets that are printable.  You can use them to record your dreams and start working on your own interpretations and journeywork!



This is my very first E-Book based on my studies and experiences with occult practices and theology. In this book, I go over the basics of Shamanism and Dream Magic.

What you get:
PDF print file with 38 pages
PDF print file with worksheets – 20 pages

Print as many copies as you’d like!

Clipart: licensed through Canva.com.

Sacred Essence
Principles of Shamanism
The Medicine Wheel
Spirit Guides
Drum Medicine (Drum Music)
Dream Magic
Dream Speak (personal stories)

And if you read to the very end – you will find a page of references. This page includes a list of my favorite books, cd’s and other tools you can use on your dream magic journey.

NOTE: this book is a digital product. You will not receive a physical copy. All sales are final.

For personal use only. If you’d like to read more of my writings visit my blog at mostlysingle.com.

If you have any issues with the PDF files please let me know. This is my first E-book created with Canva – I’m still learning how to create books. Thank you for visiting my shop!

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