Welcome to my website – Mostly Single. This website started off as a blog and has grown into a lifestyle magazine. I first started this blog to track my fitness progress. But as time went on, I started writing more about food, cooking and started sharing my own recipes and cooking tips.

Over time, I started sharing my music and artwork. Now, I have nearly 500 followers from around the world in just one year of writing.

As of May 2020, I’ve revamped this website. Make sure to follow for healthy recipes, original music and more! Check out new tabs and categories that include healthy recipes, music, articles on health and wellness -and self-care.


Latest Posts

Friday Frustration

So, I finally saw a lung specialist this morning. I always feel like these appointments are a waste of time unless you need surgery. She couldn’t help me. She couldn’t tell if I had asthma or not because I don’t exhibit any symptoms at the moments. These doctors don’t listen to me when I tell … Continue reading Friday Frustration

Thursday Mood

I took a bit of a break from blogging to get away from social media for a bit. I had a run in with a troll on youtube who bombarded me with insults. I reported it to youtube and blocked the guy but when I checked back later on, there were another five messages from … Continue reading Thursday Mood

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I now have an Amazon Wish List. Being single, I never got the benefit of having a large wedding to furnish my home or pay off debt with monetary gifts. I’m also on a mission to keep this blog ad-free. Your donations are definitely welcome and appreciated. If you don’t want to give cash, consider buying an item from my wish list – I love surprises! I will also accept gift cards!