Welcome to Mostly Single!

I’m a blogger, musician and artist from Canada. Writing has been a passion of mine for many years. I’ve written a few books over the years but I find it really difficult to write fiction. Blogging for me has acted as a form of therapy since 2019 when I was diagnosed with a disability. I’ve used this blog to promote awareness around living with condition like chronic migraine, hypermobility and PCOS.

In the fall of 2021, I decided to change the focus of this blog yet again. I’m shying away from writing about fitness tips and am more focused on things that bring joy to my life – and to others. These things include watching indie films, horror movies, and reading. I also run an Etsy store which is a passion project and have music on platforms across the web. I’m working on a how to series for YouTube and will be creating podcast episodes for this blog – if there is enough interest.

To grow this blog and attract new readers, I’m taking part of a few ongoing challenges. I

  • Cooking challenge (learning 1 new recipe each week)
  • Indie film challenge (watching 1 indie film each week)
  • Good reads challenge (discovering new podcasts, books and other media each month)

I’m also getting more into DIY home decorating and art projects. I recently moved and this year has been all about making my home cozy. I very much believe in the Hygge way of life – a Danish tradition. And I’m using this blog to write about all the things that make me happy in this life.

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Other topics of interest include:

  • Self help and personal development
  • Career development
  • E-Commerce and marketing tips
  • Toxic relationships
  • Entertainment (movies, tv shows, gossip)

I consider mostlysingle.com to be a lifestyle website. I’m a single and mature person (gen X here) and have found ways to have a fulfilling life as a single person. If you’re single and loving it, then let’s connect and share ideas on how to live a full and happy life!

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