Home Living

Last spring, I moved across the city to a brand new area (for me anyway). It was a huge lifestyle change and one that I absolutely am grateful to have made.

For nearly twenty years, I lived in the downtown area. We had issues with homeless and drug addicts breaking into my old building on a constant basis. Then the mice came and it was such a bad infestation.

I love everything about my new home. The location is pretty good and close to nature trails – which I hope to explore this year. I have access to a fitness centre. Shopping across the street – which is also a downside because of noise during the day.

But the best part is my kitchen AND massive balcony. I’ve written about this journey over the years and here are some of my favorite “Home Living” posts and tips for the single person.

Home Living & The Hygge Life

Home Living Projects and Tips

Budgeting and Home Finances

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