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I write about everything from the importance of self-care, mental health issues, chronic health issues, fitness tips, recipes, personal development and more! This blog started as a way to vent about daily life but has grown into much more than that.

I write often – sometimes several times a week. I’m also an artist who is selling art as a hobby on Etsy. I’ll be using this blog to promote original art pieces and merch once I’m in a financial position to invest in drop shipping.

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Art is a hobby but it’s also a passion. I flip between art and music all the time. Follow me on Pinterest to keep up with my latest creations and Etsy products. At this time, I can only offer digital products for download. I hope in the future as the shop grows that I can offer drop shipping. I’d love to get into designing merch – coffee mugs, calendars, bookmarks and other wonderful gifts.

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If you don’t have a Paypal account – I do accept donations through Amazon. Check out my wish list – it’s a work in progress.

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GREVY Quilted Cotton Pot Holders with Pocket Heat Resistant Oven Mitts for Cooking or Baking,7x9,Set of 4 (4 PCS Kitchen Sets)