Healing Services


Divination is a practice that has been used for centuries among spiritual healers and entertainers. I often turn to my deck of Tarot cards when I need some inspiration or direction in life.

Are you faced with a difficult decision or would like some input or guidance from the “divine”? If so, then I offer several types of readings that can help you out.

DISCLAIMER: I cannot offer you financial, legal or medical advice. Readings are for entertainment purposes.


Please allow 2-3 business days for your reading. The longer the reading the more time it takes. Use the contact form below to provide an open ended question with basic details about your situation.

Rune Readings

Are you a person of faith? I have a set of healing runes that are faith based. Each rune represents a different aspect that you may need in your life right now. 

A simple reading with three runes will provide you with guidance on your recent past, present and near future. A more in-depth reading can include a Skype call or consultation.


I cannot offer medical, legal or financial advice. Advice can be given on a general basis to open ended questions. For entertainment purposes.

Faith Based Readings

For those need of Divine wisdom
$ 25
per session
  • Basic 3 rune reading
  • In depth analysis
  • Can include a Skype call or Google chat

Repeat clients will get 25% off your next reading!