Good Reads

In an attempt to get back into reading like I did as a kid, I’ve decided to start monthly reading challenges. I also signed up for Good Reads and have started adding books I’d like to read. I’ve started monthly challenges to “read” at least 2-3 books each month. I actually managed to finish two books in February. That’s not bad. I cheat though – I use audiobooks.

As a teen, I used to read several books in one week. But as a mature adult, I find it’s hard to sit still and just read. I like to keep my hands busy. This is why audiobooks work well. They are so expensive though!

If you’re a reader like me, then join me in my monthly reading challenges. I’m focusing on biographies and memoirs right now but welcome book recommendations that you think I might like.

And don’t forget – I also am selling books! I have two published now that you can download from this site!

In addition to the reading challenge, I also listen to podcasts while I write or work on projects. I’ll share some of my favorite shows and episodes with you each month.

Good Reads


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