Are you a small business owner struggling to keep up with basic office tasks? Do you need help with research, data entry or information management? Then you’ve come to the right place! I can assist with your small or longer-term projects. I am hoping to move from full time work to freelance work from home.

Highlights of Skills

  • Excellent communication skills with professional training in business communication
  • Keen eye for detail and proof reading of documents
  • Graphic design using Corel Painter and Canva
  • Passion for research related to health, care-giving, fitness and weight loss.
  • Retired stage performer with experience in music composition, audio and video editing
  • 2 years of experience in education helping students find jobs and resume creation
  • Management of blogs with hundreds of followers ( and formerly
  • Hobby photographer and photo editing skills

Services Offered

Blog management and website design using WordPress, Bandzoogle, Wix, Blogger

Social media management (facebook pages, youtube channels, twitter and instagram)

Basic graphic design using programs like Canva for book covers, cd album art, social media headers

Communication management including emails, letters, memos, and briefing notes

Recording minutes and transcription of handwritten notes

Data entry and advanced use of MS Excel spreadsheets

Data management, file organization

Travel arrangement or itinerary planning

Travel Planning and Itineraries

Are you a busy executive that wants to plan your dream vacation but doesn’t have time to research places to stay or activities? Let me help you plan your dream vacation by building your travel itinerary. In recent years, I’ve traveled to Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver and know western Canada very well. Let me help you plan your next Canadian vacation!

Business Travel

If you’re a business owner and need help arranging car rentals, we can work out a retainer fee to help you out with all your travel needs. I have contacts in the industry and can work with these contacts to set you up with business accounts and possible discounts.

Copywriting Services

Do you need help crafting letters or memos to your clients? Do you struggle with formatting or editing of official letterhead and company documents? Or maybe you need help with creating templates for letters, emails, invoices and minutes from meetings? By using Google docs, I can help you create uniquely designed documents that you can proudly display to your clients.

Data Entry and Converting PDF to text

Do you have old pdf documents that you need converted to word documents? By using MS Office I am able to retype all the content from your pdf documents to a word document. Transcription services of good quality audio files also offered. If you have hand written notes that need typing up – then send them my way!!

Resume Building and Cover Letters

Are you a student or trades worker who needs help building a resume? I can help you build your first resume. An interview will be conducted by email to collect your employment history. Let me help you with your employment search by creating a professional resume!

Fees and Retainers

Fees will be based on length and scope of the project. This is a brand new business for me and something that I hope to make a full time career. Working from home with my own schedule has been a dream for many years. What I can promise you is that work will be completed in a timely manner, and communication about expectations will be honest. Longer term retainers are possible depending on the type of project.