Healthy Recipes

Cooking is a new passion of mine. It started off as something to help me eat healthier foods – but as time went on, I discovered a real love for creating new recipes and sharing them on this blog.

As a single person, I tend to only cook 2-3 large meals each week. This will leave me with enough leftovers to last for several days. Whatever I don’t eat right away, I will freeze for later. Casseroles, soups and chili are all great for this.

I’m definitely not a professional chef – what I’ve learned I learned by watching my mum in the kitchen as a child or from youtube channels. But I love to try new foods and always feel a sense of pride when a recipe turns out well.

Make sure to follow this blog for weekly recipes and cooking tips for the beginner and single cooks. Most of my recipes are healthy – and great for someone wanting to lose weight.


Soups and Stews

Soup is comfort food for me especially on a cold and cloudy fall or winter day. There’s nothing better than to take it easy and snuggle up with a blanket, a good book, and a hot bowl of homemade soup.

These recipes are my own – or classic soups with a bit of a twist. I love dipping homemade scones or biscuits into soup and it’s like I’ve travelled back to my childhood.

Hot Meal Ideas – perfect for winter

Broccoli and Ham Casserole

Fall is my favorite time of year for casseroles. I love experimenting with butternut and spaghetti squash, zucchini, and this year.

Maybe it’s because I come from a long line of Danish farmers – but there’s just something about fresh garden vegetables that makes cooking this time of year exciting.

Original Recipes – Baking

It wasn’t until I started making Banana Bread that I realized how easy it was to make loaves at home. I love to experiment with different kinds of fruit, oats and nuts.

This delicious loaf contains fresh strawberries, bananas and Greek yogurt to give it an added “punch”. I loved this loaf – but sadly — bread doesn’t seem to last long around here, so I don’t make it too often.

Strawberry Banana Bread with a twist

Pasta, Grains and Rice


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