Cooking is a new hobby of mine. As part of my dedication to improving my health and fitness, I’m spending more time in the kitchen learning new recipes. I also am a fan of Lazy Cooking or One Pot Cooking and will share my recipes with you. I’m also hooked on shows like Cookery with Gord Ramsey and Youtube channels by chefs like Food Wishes, Hilah Cooking and of course, Jamie Oliver. I’ll share new resources with you and ideas for inspiration in the kitchen.

As you can tell – I have many hobbies. So, I’m using this blog to share all of my passions with you.

This list is still growing. Most of these recipes were created using a combination of recipe ideas or just throwing together random ingredients together. When this list grows too long, I will create a sub-menu. I do plan on putting them together in books at some point!

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Asian Inspired

Breakfast Foods

Lunch Ideas

Healthy Snacks

Hot Dishes & Main Courses

Chicken based

Pork and Beef

Vegetable Casseroles and Chili

Butternut squash spaghetti – delicious & low carb

Soups and Stews

Creamy asparagus and kale soup

Cooking Related

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