Fitness Resources

Update August 2021: the fitness section of this blog is slowly being phased out. I’d like to focus more on my artwork, healthy living, food and personal posts. Fitness is part of my healing – you can still read these old articles for now.

This page is dedicated to my research in the best fitness resources. These resources include fitness and health related websites, apps, and youtube channels. I’m working hard to expand this website to be a hub or one source of information for all your fitness, health and weight loss needs.

Stay tuned. This is an ongoing project and one I’ve been working on for a few years.

Fitness Websites

Healthy Recipes

Authors and Bloggers

And more references to come in the near future as I do more research. Stay tuned! Just please avoid Hollywood crazed doctors like Doctor Oz and Doctor Phil – they’re not in it for the science. They’re in it for publicity and wealth!

Popular Health Websites

There’s been some argument on whether health blogs are “legitimate” or not in our fitness group. One thing we do not demand is evidence for scientific proof. Unless someone comes in with crazy claims – then yes, we do fact check when it comes to stats.

There’s a lot of good information from health blogs and as with all things you read on the Internet, take what you read with a grain of salt and apply common sense to what you have learned.

Are you an author, fitness trainer or health professional? If so, then leave a comment and follow this blog. I can add your website to this growing list.