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Let me start off by saying, that I am NOT a trained health professional. My experience in health comes from the program administration side of it. During my six year career in the health field, I worked with mental health therapists, occupational therapists, doctors, surgeons, and counselors. I recorded stats from projects across the province and worked closely with therapists and psychologists across the province. I learned a lot during those six years about the health system – and about myself.

My professional job – is focused on program administration working in child services and child protection. Over the years on a personal level, I have sought the professional services of dietitians, nutritionists and personal trainers. The advice I write is from my own personal research, experience and also from the advice passed on from health professionals.

In 2010, I dropped nearly seventy pounds and went from a size 24 at my heaviest, to a size 12. I was at the pique of my fitness and kept the weight off for nearly four years. In 2014 on my last mountain hike, I felt a pop in my knee and my worst nightmare came to fruition.

I had re-torn the ligament in my knee. I knew what that meant. Months of physical therapy. Following the injury, I also got really sick. I was bed-ridden for months. During that time – all that hard work was gone. All the weight came back on within six months. And I’ve been trying for the past three years to take it off.

In the past two months, I’ve managed to drop fifteen pounds. It’s been hard. Now that I’m older. But I am here to share my experience with you. I will also share some of the tips and tricks I learned from numerous health professionals over the years.

Stay tuned for original recipes and food porn – I plan on getting back into the kitchen soon to bring out my inner chef. I’ll share some of my recipes with you.

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