Emotional Health

In this section, you will find articles and posts about about reducing the stigma of mental health and also articles with tips on how to cope from day to day with emotional health issues like anxiety and depression.

I’ve taken some courses over the years on how to deal with stress people and situations. I’ve also learned some helpful techniques through therapy or counseling sessions during dark times in my life.

I am not a mental health professional. These stories are based on my own personal experiences, or from listening to friends and family and learning from their personal struggles. I spent six years working in administration in the health field with a strong focus on Addiction and Mental Health across Alberta. What I did learn in this time was that the stigma in our youth around mental health is a leading problem in Canada. As I do more research into trending topics, I will share with you my own learnings and experiences working with our provincial lead team.

Depression, anxiety and stress – this is something we all face at some point in our busy lives. Especially now – with the world the way it is – and the rage culture of social media – we just need to be kind to each other – and mostly, ourselves.

NOTE: I am not a trained professional, but I missed my calling as a Life Coach. If you’d like someone to talk to for advice, we can work something out – donations accepted.

Self-Care and Emotional Health

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Toxic Relationships

Emotional Abuse


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