About me


Welcome to my new blog – Mostly Single. This website is a work in progress as I figure out what topics I want to write about. I have so many interests that it is really difficult for me to stick to just a few.

My employment history has been all over the map. I worked eight years as a contractor and bounced around different departments. I found myself more drawn to areas where I felt the work was valuable such as seniors support, community engagement, or working in health and addictions. And even though the bulk of my work has been in the administrative field – I have learned a lot and even gained valuable policy experience.

Public Service – Engagement

For nearly 15 years I have worked in public service with a main focus on engagement and planning large scale community events. I also have experience working with Indigenous peoples and have learned a lot about Native American traditions and culture. This has been my job for the past four years. I love it the work we do. I’ve learned so much about the Indigenous peoples – I have gained a whole new prospective on life in general because of it.

Some of my training in this area has involved:

  • Medicine picking with Elders
  • Sweat Lodges
  • Pipe Ceremonies
  • Feather Ceremonies
  • Learning about Elder protocols

Employment Counselling

I spent nearly two years as a contractor at a local college working in the Student Employment Office. During that time I learned a lot about career planning and helped students build resumes, plan their careers and even helped them find jobs. We were short staffed at the time and even though I was a program admin, I really enjoyed the work. We also planned job fairs and employer’s receptions where I lent my musical talents. One of the functions I performed at raised over $2 million dollars for the college.

Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say?

I have experience in the following areas from my time at the college:

  • Resume consultations
  • Job search help (writing cover letters, finding suitable jobs)
  • Career planning advice or guidance
  • Weekly blog posts with valuable tips for job seekers
  • Event planning (concerts, fundraisers, engagements, meetings, social events)

Addiction and Mental Health

I spent nearly five years working in the health field in various support roles. I started off my career working as a receptionist and worked all the way up to an Executive level assistant. I was working at Alberta Health Services in Addictions and Mental Health when my mother died. I decided it was time for a career change. I moved back to contracting. Worked on healing. Traveled a bit. Before landing the job I have now.

While at Addiction and Mental Health, I had access to a lot of resources and learn about the stigma of mental health, and also studied trending topics such a suicide prevention and high risk youth. While I really enjoyed the work I did at this job, and the money was pretty great – let’s just say the office culture wasn’t a great fit for me. Leaving that job was the best decision I could have made. It led me to the path I am on now.

I also spent about a year working on a negotiating committee for the Alberta Health Agreement. That experience was invaluable in what I learned about health care system. While most of the information I learned was highly confidential in nature – I can assure you – what I did learn was eye opening.

Professional Development

  • Coping with difficult people
  • Critical thinking
  • Crucial conversations
  • Stress management
  • Basics of Business Writing
  • Effective Communication (Business)
  • Advanced Grammar (NAIT)

Business Advice

My father ran a successful home business for over thirty years in construction. I would often watch him pour over his books – watching in fascination as he tried to make sense of his monthly numbers. I watched as the company grew over time. I often joked that I was his “receptionist” as I would often answer business calls and take messages for him. Most of the time, the messages contained job details and the details had to be exact. Collecting addresses, contact names and phone numbers – that was a skill I learned early in life.

My mother was also volunteer on several boards over the years. I would help her prepare newsletters and mailings. She taught me how to type using the old typewriter. My mum was the writer in the family. I suppose I caught the bug from her (along with a mild case of OCD which really helps in my current position).

The business advice I offer is based on things I learned over the years from the family business and from contract work.

Dating, Relationships, Personal Blogs, Healing

I don’t have professional training in these areas. I have taken some courses over the years and continue to work on professional development. I do not have a formal degree and that is my regret in life. We just didn’t have the money for it back then.

I have studied out of pure interest a wide range of topics over the years. I’m drawn to learning about different healing traditions, the occult, the supernatural, general health, sleep disorders, and of course, pop culture and entertainment. My posts vary from day to day. I write whatever is on my mind.

Writing for me is therapy. I love helping people. I think I missed my calling as a therapist. I would have made a great relationship counsellor. But… such is life. By way of this blog, I hope to at least pass on some of the wisdom I have learned over the years.

Thanks for reading. If you have a position in your company, or would like to hire me as a freelance worker for your website – drop me a message: info@mostlysingle.com

Jen is a pen name. For now.  Until I’m comfortable sharing my real name. It’s mostly for privacy reasons. I hope you understand.

J.W. Christensen