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Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility and Osteoporosis

I was born with a rarer disease called Hypermobility Joint Syndrome, only I didn’t really understand what that meant. My joints popped out and dislocated easily which resulted in falls and injuries. I had surgery by age eight and was used to hobbling around with sprained ankles or torn ligaments.

Over the years, my health worsened. I would develop chronic migraines, polycystic ovary syndrome, osteoarthritis, and an array of comorbidities that come with Hypermobility.

It wasn’t until September 2021, that I finally put it all together when reviewing X-ray results that my new doctor had ordered. I discovered that not only did I have osteoarthritis, but I also had bone degeneration, bone spurring in my knees, bony hypertrophy in my left shoulder along with OS acromiale, and a fracture in my back. These are all old injuries, but this was news to me.

I did some research into Hypermobility and learned of a disease called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I’m currently being evaluated for this – however, I’m on a waitlist to see a specialist.

Because of these comorbidities, I’ve had severe problems with weight over the years. 2022 is the year that I’m determined to make lifestyle changes and stick with them.

This blog has grown since 2019 to almost 1,000 followers. I write almost daily about a variety of subjects. I love my daily diary posts but have decided to expand on that even further.

Living well and healthy living

Within this blog, you will find many articles on the following subjects:

  • Chronic joint pain management tips
  • Career development advice
  • Healthy recipes for weight loss and clean eating
  • Home living tips for singles like me
  • Self-care and development
  • Toxic relationships and behaviours
  • Writing tips for bloggers and authors

Graphic Design

In addition to writing, I must say my interests are all over the map. I enjoy learning new subjects and listen to a variety of podcasts. Because of this disability, I am limited to what I can do in life. Writing is my therapy. It’s my escape from daily life. And this blog, allows me to connect with other writers or people with invisible disabilities like me.

I love graphic design and will be sharing some of my artwork with you too. Once I figure out how to sell art here without a plugin – I will do that too. You will also find:

  • Printable recipe cards on select recipes
  • Printable wall art, posters and more coming soon!
  • Printable worksheets and journals
  • and more fun merch and stuff coming soon
  • Free downloads – coming soon

Author and health advocate

Wendy is an independent author, composer, musician and artist that lives in Canada. To contact Wendy about an interview or to invite her to write as a guest on your blog – use the form below.

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