Activities for no spoon days


It seems to be a general consensus among my close circle of friends that today, is indeed, a no spoons kind of day. On these days, I just want to curl up with a blanket, watch Disney movies from my childhood and just take it easy.

For me, no spoons or low spoon energy means that my energy is tapped out. I get tired, move slowly, and it hurts to think. Sometimes things around me get fuzzy or it’s really difficult to concentrate on specific tasks. Mostly, I tend to get very quiet, withdraw, and even speaking takes up too much energy.

Spoons represent energy units.

If you’re a gamer, think of it as like your health meter. On a really good day, you might have say, 100% charged energy. Or say, 10 spoons.

Every task that you complete, takes a little bit more of that energy. For people like me who suffer from chronic illness such as osteoarthritis, joint pain and stiffness, or mental health issues like depression – this will be a familiar concept to you.

Getting out of bed and getting dressed – takes about 1 spoon

Having a shower? On these days? Nope. That’s like 5 spoons and I don’t have that will power today.

Making a meal – about 2 to 3 spoons. So, I turn to finger foods, frozen meals, produce. Anything I can just grab and go but still be healthy with.

So, just getting out of bed and performing basic tasks, if you have 10 spoons to give, then you’ve already used half your quota for the day.

Cleaning? Forget that. When it hurts to move, cleaning is the last thing you want.

Exercise? Maybe. A short walk could help. Or stretches.

A hot bath? Sometimes it’s better than a shower. But it still zaps me out and I just want to sleep.

Fresh air? Yes. But it’s chilly today, so take a blanket with you if you go out at night. I love to sit on my balcony and sky watch even with the light pollution here.

Activities for low spoon days

So, what else is there to do on low or no spoons days? If you’re like me, there is very little that appeals to me. I don’t feel like chatting with friends or even my man. If he were here, I might ask for cuddles and to watch movies with me. But I’ve lived alone so long, that I just want to be left in my misery on days like today.

Sleep. Low spoons usually means you’re exhausted. You’ve used up all your energy. Have a nap. Sleep. Rest. Repeat.

Wear your favorite fuzzy pj’s, grab a warm blanket. Make some hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate – whatever your favorite comfort drink is.

Enjoy a favorite treat or two. But don’t binge. That will make you feel worse. I like cookies or home baked goods on days like today. And will whip up something later tonight.

Watch comfort movies or tv shows. I am turning to Disney cartoons later. And then maybe some funny shows like Malcolm in the Middle, Friends, That 70’s Show. Something mindless.

Play a game. I like Minecraft though I’m kind of bored with it. Need to discover new games I can do on the PC.

Read a book. Pick a good book and get cozy in your bed. If you have the luxury to do so.

Check in with friends. I know my gal pals can cheer me up. But sometimes I just want to be on my own.

Have a warm bath with Epsom salts, candles and light music in the background. I love my tub but sometimes it zaps me out even more.

Work on a puzzle or keep your hands busy with projects like art, sewing, knitting, etc, etc.

Listen to your favorite comfort music. I love Spotify for this and have like 40 playlists for all moods. Sometimes just organizing playlists and songs helps to keep my mind occupied.

Writing – this helps. Hence, why I’m writing here in the blog more often to share my daily thoughts and dreams and inspirations.

DO drink your water and stay hydrated. It helps.

What do you do on your low spoons days? Let me know in the comments.

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