Keep calm and carry on


It’s Tuesday morning and I’ve been up for a few hours already. I was rudely woken up by the sound of a family of crows outside my window at 6:45 am. So, I just got up, got dressed, had my coffee. And have already put in a couple of hours of work. Did some writing. Got some cleaning done. And later, will see my dad.

The dreaded summer heat is FINALLY over and we can breathe easy again and sleep better at night. And yesterday, I finally made the decision on what to do for my bedroom situation.

My sister gave me a full bed when I moved into this place. The frame was really nice – with faux leather and has a headboard and baseboard. But it was missing screws and wasn’t put together properly. So within a couple of months, the side of the bed fell apart! I’ve been sleeping painfully on a broken bed that is terrible for back problems.

Problem is. The top mattress is perfect and only a year old. So, I’m going back to a simple metal frame for $140 this weekend. All I need is a full boxspring and voila. I have a new bed. Back to what I know and have used most of my life.

The main problem is the mattress is so heavy. It’s really hard on my back to even lift the mattress and make the bed. This way, it should be easier. Easier to move, clean and vacuum under too. All the important things as an adult. And there will be room for some storage bins as my closet is over flowing with clothes. Not a bad upgrade for $350. I just need someone to come pick up my old frame.

In other news.

I started a small group of my own after a disastrous party back in August that I attended. I won’t go into details but the event left me really pretty broken in more ways than one. I’m back to my usual upbeat self and looking forward to hanging out with my new group of friends.

There are five of us that will get together on a monthly basis. The plan is to hang out here. Have some drinks. Order in pizza. Play some board games or just watch movies and chill. But not that kind of chill. It’ll be nice to entertain and get to know folks better. And the cool thing is – we’re mostly all single. So it’ll be like right out of a Friend’s episode.

I have friends my own age! That was important to me.

And now that fall is here and weather is cooler, I can start cooking dinners and entertaining friends again on a more intimate basis. That means having my bestie over for dinner soon. Making holiday plans like for Thanksgiving or Christmas that don’t just involve family. I’m trying to make my own family. Family doesn’t have to be blood related.

My second relationship kind of fell through and went back to being friendly. I’m still in my LDR relationship and we’re working on keeping things fresh and exciting. But with the expectation that I’ll still meet people here for potential connections and dynamics. I’ve come to accept that the poly life or ethical non-monogamy is for me.

For now – my main goal is to keep busy. Keep my brain occupied. See my dad more often. Catch up with old friends. Spend time with new friends. Get out more. And get back into fitness classes and get out to the pool soon.

My main home project: is my bedroom. Now that I’ve settled on color schemes and a new bed, the rest should fall easily into place. At least without a headboard, that’s less to worry about matching. And comforters can always be easily replaced.

That’s my life in a nutshell. How’s yours?

Today’s motto: keep calm and carry the fuck on!

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