Autumn is almost here (poetry)

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The leaves are falling quietly,
Falling to the ground,
And when you walk on them,
They make a familiar, comforting sound.

The trees are turning colors,
Shades of red, orange, and gold,
They’re shedding their covers,
Before the winter cold.

The days grow shorter,
And the nights are dark,
But this time of year,
Is like comfort food, for the heart.

As I work through the pain,
That has nothing to do with,
You or I.

I sit outside with a blanket,
Night, after night,
after night.

Autumn is a time for reflection,
A time for a restart,
A time where I seek solace,
To heal my broken heart.

My family of farmers,
Work on their fields of wheat,
While I my dear, my sweet dear,
I just want to crawl into your arms,
and sleep.

Don’t let me fall into old patterns,
Of sitting alone in the dark,
Night after night, festering,
Wondering how things fell so apart.

Could I have done better?
Could I have been more for you?
Why do you put up with me?
For all I put everyone through?

Sometimes, I don’t think I’m worth it.
I don’t see what you see in me.

Autumn time is coming,
Coming fast, it’s drawing near.
Don’t worry if I hide or withdraw,
I’m working through my fears.

Autumn is almost here.

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