It isn’t personal….

When people say shit like “It isn’t personal” or “It’s me, not you.”

That’s just a line they’re feeding you.

They’re taking your pain, your trauma, YOUR feelings and making it about them.

They’re actively avoiding dealing with the situation.

They’ll never admit they were wrong in their actions.

They’ll never apologize for hurting you.

In their minds, they are the victims. And they have already moved on from you.

You are insignificant to them. Or maybe you never were important to them. It was all just an act. A facade. A mirage.

After some time, their true colors start to shine.

They play the victim when in fact, their main purpose was to manipulate you. To control you. To cause you pain. Whether physical or emotional. They wanted to harm you.

They are making themselves out to the “good guy”.

When in fact….

They were the one(s) who broke the trust. They went beyond what was discussed and violated your consent. Or outright assaulted/attacked you.

They were the one who left you with new shiny bruises to take home that you never wanted.

They are the first to cry fowl, when it was their actions that cause pain.

So… fuck them and their narcissicistic ways.

I vow to never be swayed by shiny goggles and rose colored glasses again.

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