Summer 2022 is coming to a fast end


It’s hard to believe that just next week the kids will be back in school and summer is officially over. But that doesn’t mean we won’t have nice weather. September is usually a warm month with exception of 2019 I think when we had SNOW in the second week. That was harsh. I usually turn my heat on in October. The days are already getting shorter and the sky is pitch black by 9:00 pm these days.

I’m not complaining. I love this time of year. The summer heat has been too much this month and it’s really hard on the joints. This morning it’s been cool and I’m enjoying my condo which is sitting at 25C instead of 32C like it has been for weeks. Okay. That’s enough complaining.

This summer has been full of new experiences, meeting new people, and lots of ups and downs. My mood has been all over the map. And after a really bad week of emotional triggers and healing from trauma, I’m finally feeling like my old “bratty” self again. Even to the point the Mr. called me last night and gave me shit for it. I actually cackled into the phone.

He’s started calling me his little chaos demon. I think it will stick.

Those who know me, know.

Before I wrap up my thoughts on this summer, let me give some quick updates.

My disability benefits have been approved without hassle. I mean, they were approved but were “under review” and they finally have the medical they needed. I guess that’s one thing for having a severe disability – a joint condition that causes bone and joint degeneration. My body is falling apart. I have to focus on exercise this fall. I need to start walking. Start moving. Because I’m literally dying – I can feel it. I need to step up my A game, and it’s usually easier to do that when the weather is cooler.

But I don’t even have to do calls anymore with the case manager. I only have to notify them if something changes or I get referred to new doctors. Which I let them know that I’m being referred to pain management. It’s over a year wait and I will likely be denied first time around. But it’s something. I fucking LOVE my geneticist. He’s done more for me this year than any doctor I’ve ever had.

I’m focusing on keeping busy. Getting back into some artwork. I may use the blog to share some of that here. I’m really worried about theft of art, so I’ll be adding some watermarks. I renewed my Canva subscription so perhaps I’ll work on more digital downloads. It’s something to do. It’s mindless and passes the time. I’m determined to do at least 2 hours daily. In addition to my outdoor time and exercises.

I’m looking forward to fall weather so I can cook soups and stews again. Comfort food.

I’m also scouring online shops for home decor for my bedroom. It’s time. Small budget to work with but I need something cozy for winter. Do I get a douvet, or quilt? I’m undecided on that. But I’ve picked a color scheme at least.

Greens, creamy whites, pink and peach. I think it will be lovely.

In terms of relationships.

Minnesota relationship is still going strong. We talk daily. I think we’re closer than ever right now. He’s opening up a bit more and so am I. Where it will go? I’m not sure. Travel is not possible. But they really need to invent teleportation. Stat.

My other relationship came to a swift halt. I wrote a little about it last week and deleted the post. I think my problem was I rushed into it too fast. I just wanted to “play” and ignored some red flags. And I got hurt physically in the process. I’m still healing. And I’m still waiting for an in person chat. Let’s call it a lesson learned. I’ll be more careful about who I let in. There are other prospects. For now, I’m getting to know people. Taking my time in forming relationships. I got my rocks off so to speak and can afford to just take it slowly now.

Life is pretty good overall. It’s been a great summer with exception of this past week. I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made. I’m even grateful for him – he introduced me to a lot of these people. I hope we can keep things amicable.

That’s about it. Sums up my Tuesday. Now I need to get my butt in gear, get some cleaning done. I’m battling a swarm of angry fruit flies who are mad at me for taking out the garbage. They’re awful this year. Kinda bitey too.

Ciao for now bellas.

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