May 2022 Blogging goals and changes

I took a break from blogging for most of the month of April and am slowly getting back into it. The days are long when you don’t work, and researching and writing gives me something to do to break up the day.

I’m trying to avoid streaming movies and shows during the day, focusing on little projects like editing my books (still ongoing – I keep catching typos every time I read them). I also work out twice a day unless I’m too sore. There are still medical appointments to attend. Tests to take that I’ve been putting off. And now that spring is here, I hope to get outside more and be more social too.

My condo is also a disaster. I really need to buckle down this month and get it cleaned and organized for summer. I might have to hire help for that as some days it’s too much upkeep. When you’re in constant pain, it’s a real struggle. This morning for instance, I’m favoring my upper back which I think slipped out of alignment last night. My ribs are killing too. So, I really have to get back into my exercise routines.

Blog goals and changes

Last month, this blog celebrated it’s fourth anniversary. Hard to believe that I’ve been writing for that long. I’ve been stuck in a rut, not sure what to write about. Now that I’m opening up to meeting new people, mostly single doesn’t feel like the right blog name anymore. I’m still not sure I want to put my real name in publishing this blog – so, the domain name is a work in progress. I’m open to suggestions.

I’m going to stop posting fitness and weight loss related articles. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that I’m getting a lot of similar blogs following me and I think they’re mostly spam run by the same group of spam bots. I had to disable my feedback form for this reason. I shouldn’t have to do that as a blogger.

So, while I’ll leave my older posts about fitness up, it’s no longer my priority for this blog. Fitness is still my main goal in life to improve quality of life. But I want to write about other things that give me passion.

Like… relationships. Mindfulness. Spirituality.

I’m also getting back into learning more about my Danish heritage and the Viking ways. I’m obsessed with Norse mythology and since meeting a lot of new Viking friends, I’ve been asked to share some of my knowledge with them.

It seems that I’ve grown an entire network of friends and likeminded individuals without even trying in just a couple of weeks. My evenings are filled with flirting, fun and heartfelt chats that last wee into the late hours of the morning.

I forgot how good it felt to flirt and just get to know people again. Men and women. I’m pretty open that way. And I’ve met some great people along the way that reminded me of who I really was.

Cue sappy music. Anyway….here’s a run down of what’s going to change. I realize that might mean losing some long-term followers but at this point, I’m more about quality connections and using this space to share knowledge and wisdom.

Spiritual practices and beliefs

So, buckle up, this blog is going to take another turn. I’m stepping away from the fitness and health advice and going to be focusing more on spiritual practices, and related topics. It’s where my passion is right now, and what my books are based off. As I get back into writing after a long break, I’ll also be sharing some more stories about my experiences with the paranormal and occult practices.

I’ve had some friends ask me to help them learn more about Indigenous protocols and rituals and so, I’ll be working on a new series for that. Once I get enough posts written, I may write some more e-books too. I’m still working on editing my other books – every time I read them, I catch more typos. It’s hard to find an editor for the kinds of books I write.

Posts that you can expect to find here will include:

  • Dream Magic (astral travel, lucid dreaming, premonitions, etc)
  • Dream Speak (dream recalls and interpretations)
  • Earth magic and basic principles of Wicca
  • Empathy and mindfulness related posts
  • Mental health series – toxic relationships, bullying, etc
  • Shamanism and Indigenous protocols
  • Spiritual practices, beliefs, mythology and holidays/rituals

pexel library

Questions, Q&A

I’m open to question and answer type posts for anyone who wants to explore their spirituality and open themselves up to a new world. Just leave a question in the comments or get in touch with me on social media if you follow me there.

While I have opened up a little about my current relationship and dating status, I’d like to keep this blog “vanilla” and steer clear of adult content. Some friends may follow me here from Fetlife, and I ask that they keep the comments clean and respectful. I have a space on that site where I can write about those relationships and experiences. At one point, I may start another blog but that’s a lot of work I’m just not in the mood for right now.

So… the too long didn’t read version is this:

I’ll be shying away from health and fitness related articles. I might even remove some followers who have multiple or bot accounts here. You should do the same to keep your following count authentic.

I may share more posts in the beginning, it just depends on how I’m feeling that day. It’s been a rough couple of weeks and I’m slowly getting back into writing again. I also skipped the Good Reads challenge for April and have a stack of books I need to finish off. Some books will have a spiritual theme. I’ll share my Good Reads list with you too.

Other subjects I will cover from time to time:

  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques
  • Good Read challenges
  • Tarot and Rune reading results, messages, etc
  • Music and songs that inspire me
  • Writing tips and resources for authors

That’s it in a nutshell. I’ll be going through some older posts and archiving them or making them private. I’m just tired of getting spammed with notifications from fake health accounts. You know who you are. You will be removed.

That said, if you’re still here – thanks for being part of this almost four journey. I look forward to more years with you.


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  1. So good to see you back again, I love your blogs. Big hug xx

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  2. wendymusings says:

    Thank you! I haven’t spent too much time on WordPress. Need to get back into reading too 🙂 HUGS

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