Taking a breather


I am taking a breather from posting. Whether it is temporarily or permanently Way too many spam and fake accounts liking or using my posts here.

Guess just kind of bored of social media in general.

See you. Someday.

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  1. Hilary Tan says:

    I was wondering why you haven’t posted in a while. That’s understandable wanting to take a break from everything. Social media and blogging can be exhausting and I get that spam and bots are annoying. Hope you have a good hiatus, Wendy! ☀️

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  2. wendymusings says:

    Thanks I think just stuck in a rut these days and dont have many positive things to say. So taking a bit of time off.

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  3. I hope you’ll be okay. I’m thinking of you xx

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  4. wendymusings says:

    Thanks! I’m doing okay, just took an emotional beating this past week. Lots of behind the scenes drama. I’ll be back again!


  5. I hope so because I love reading your blogs. Big hug 🫂

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  6. Hilary Tan says:

    I don’t really have anything positive to say either, so I have been venting over on Twitter. I find it very difficult to find motivation to write when I am in this #mood.

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  7. wendymusings says:

    Big hugs back. Maybe I’ll write again this weekend. Just haven’t found anything to be inspiring enough to do it. Books are on hold too. I’ll get back to it!


  8. Take all the time you need. Rest as much as you can xxxx

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