March 2022: monthly goal setting

It’s nearing the end of the day for March 1st as I write this, so you will read this tomorrow morning. But that’s okay. One day won’t hurt. A new month, means a new set of goals – and for this month, I’m going to make some changes.

Good Reads Challenge

In December, I decided to start a book challenge and vowed to read 12 books for 2022, which I thought would be impossible to do. But low and behold, I’ve already read about 8 books via Amazon Kindle and Open Library – a free resource for online books, mostly older books that cost a lot of money to buy in stores.

I’ve been reading daily and finish one or two books a week. I’ve been revisiting some books that I read as an impressionable teen back in the 90’s and oh my. The memories that have come flooding back.

Come back in a few days, as I’ll update my reading list and add some more suggestions for the month of March.

Currently reading:

Thriller, drama, a hot mess

I’m about 50 pages into this book and I’m not sure I’ll finish it. It’s not my usual cup of tea. Apparently, it was made into an indie film starring Emily Blunt. I might just watch that instead. The main character, Rachel, is unlikable. Really unlikable. For me, that makes it really hard to stick to a book.

Fitness and Weight Loss

Sadly, this has been put on hold yet again and I’m to the point where, I think I’ll just enjoy life for what it is. I sprained my knee in mid-February and couldn’t walk for almost two weeks. It’s still sore, on the mend, but working out is not possible.

I’m counting down the days until spring where I can walk freely without fearing the ice, go to the gym, and maybe go to the pool once a month.

So, due to injury, this is put on hold for now.

Food and recipes

Being injured, meant a couple of weeks there where i couldn’t stand for very long on my feet. That meant, ordering in food and eating hand held foods like sandwiches, salads, soups. I made quite a few soups this past month that were delicious. I’m hoping for March, to try some new recipes and share those with you too.

Health update – I hate doctors

I’m mad. I can’t even write about it right now because I’ll cry. I saw a neurologist today after waiting almost an entire year, and the doctor gave me regurgitated advice. Drink more water, he said. Get more sleep, he said. Exercise, blah blah.

He even had the three paged summary I had sent him to read before the appointment which listed everything I had tried, including a drug that just messed with my moods and made me want to sleep all day. I am absolutely NOT going to take anti-depressants again. My anxiety is manageable. It’s the insomnia that sometimes spins out of control.

Just sleep! He says. Yeah, because I can really control when an insomnia flare up happens.

I’m not filling the prescription. I still have some leftover from last year. I’ll just talk to the geneticist on Thursday and see what he thinks. Since this is a genetics problem, maybe he has some idea of what meds will work.

The language barrier was also real and he had a very thick accent that was hard to understand through a mask. And not only that, but dude kept me waiting almost an hour after trying to change my appointment THREE times.

Like come on. My time is valuable too.

  • My goal for this month is to try and get my sleep schedule back on track – I was doing well in February and my migraines were reasonable.
  • Get some fresh air on warm days when temperature is above 0.
  • Start going for walks when the ice has cleared, go the fitness room and use the pool starting in April-May.
  • Find affordable and alternative medications for migraines. I refuse to take antidepressants.

Reading is the best

Anyway. So, that’s life in a nutshell. The weather has been up and down and making it hard to do much. I did get out on the weekend and am getting together with friends soon. I think that will help the moods.

Reading is something I’m enjoying and helps to quiet the busy mind at night.

Published E-Book – FREE Download

If you haven’t read my book — please do! I’m still hoping for my first review. It’s available for FREE on Smashwords for a limited time. It’s a personal story on grief, loss and complicated relationships. I’m still playing around with the cover — it may change again.

Please be kind, leave a review.

Free Download

And as usual with my monthly posts, here is my free download for the week. It’s a printable notepad in jpg format. If you’d like the PDF file, let me know and I’ll add the link to Canva.

What are your goals for March?

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