Monday mood – there was cake, and I have regrets


It’s Monday morning (again, how does that keep happening?) and I just choked on my first sip of my coffee. I think it might be ‘one of those days’. It’s dark outside for this time of day and a little chilly. But the nice thing is that the days are getting a little longer and the sun sets around 6:30 pm. It helps. This past weekend was pretty good, but boy was there a lot of food, and cake. I have regrets. Serious, regrets.

Tomorrow, I have a consult with neuro and I’m not looking forward to it. I sent him a summary of my medical history and family history just to save some time. It’s complicated. I also included medications that we’ve tried for the migraines, so hopefully, he’s actually printed it and took the time to read it.

My experience with specialists has been hit and miss. I had an ENT guy tell me to move when I asked him what to do for chronic sinus issues. And then another specialist just tell me to “lose weight” as if it would solve all my issues. And then the rheumatologist misdiagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. I’ve had some good ones that took my complaints seriously like my hematologist who literally saved my life with iron infusions.

My benefit insurer has come to a point where they need updated medical but support me if I just want to improve quality of life. And I do. I’m looking forward to my appointment with the geneticist on Wednesday.

What I’m not looking forward to is the onslaught of medical appointments, scans and MRI’s that will be coming my way.

I’ve had the bone density scan before and it hurt. Not so much the scan itself, but the needle they stick in your hand. I don’t do well with needles in general. My arms are puffy and they have a hard time finding a vein. I think my veins are a big part of the problem to be honest. Some kind of vascular thing. But we’ll see. Hopefully the neuro sends me for a brain scan. To you know, see if it’s still attached to my head.

The weekend turned out to be pretty good. I saw my dad on Friday and we had a good visit. I took it easy on Saturday, made some roasted vegetables and bought a small beef roast like my mother used to make. I also pigged out on a black forest cake and I have regrets today.

Then my eldest sister invited me to her house for dinner. It was nice. Less chaotic than usual with just half the family there and my kid Ryden. He’s not my kid, he’s my nephew. But he’s a carbon copy of me. He looks like me. Has similar joint issues. He’s a hell of a musician. And an all around good kid. We talk a lot when the family gets together. He’s announced that he’s going into music when he graduates this year and that makes me happy. I tease my brother that he’s really my kid.

Genetics are weird.

I showed him a video of Soul Train, that dance show from the 1970’s and we had a good laugh at the clothes and hair. But man. Those men had some moves.

My family also spoiled me so I guess I can’t talk shit about them for a while even if they do drive me crazy at times. My sister lent me some books and gave me an Indigo giftcard. So now, I’m shopping online and am looking at getting a Kindle reader.

I started reading The Girl on the Train last night by Paula Hawkins and it’s okay. I find myself identifying a bit too much with the main character which is never good. I’ve lived alone too long, I think.

I got about 38 pages in and I’m not sure I can finish it. It’s not my kind of book, but it was turned into a movie. So, we’ll see.

Anyway. I think that should do it for today. Later on, I hope to make a cucumber soup since my shopper picked up a bag of small cucumbers instead of one large cuke. We’ll see what happens.

And with that, have a good Monday. What’s on your mind this Monday morning?

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  1. I hope the specialist appointments go well.

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  2. wendymusings says:

    Thank you! Me too. The fear is that many doctors won’t support disability. My last family doctor kept telling me to go wait tables even though I had a fracture in my spine…. like really?

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