Stranger things are happening here – norse mythology

The weekend flew by fast and it’s Monday morning. I’m currently sipping on my coffee and eating my toasted bagel in between writing this. I hadn’t planned on writing much this past weekend, but since I was still on bed rest – what else was I going to do? And I wound up writing all weekend with few breaks in between to read and eat.

In addition to finishing an updated version of the book about my mother’s death, I got to work on a couple of other book ideas I have. The weird thing is, the more I write in my Norse mythology based book, weird things start to happen around my home.

I’m a spiritual person as you have guessed by now. I absolutely belief in an afterlife and have had way too many experiences not to believe. That’s fine if you don’t. But respect that I do – and no, I’m not “insane” though maybe at times my imagination can get carried away. I do try debunk things and find logical explanations but there are some things that can’t be explained.

Things have been pretty quiet in this place since moving in. It’s worth to note I don’t fear what’s going on – I haven’t since being at my dad’s place. The energy there is a different story.

Unearthly energy around me

I used to feel my mother around me and her presence is sort of a comforting feeling. Like she’s just checking in on me to say hi. The other times, it’s not a dark or scary presence. It’s more like this energy in the room with me that isn’t mine. I don’t see anything. Sometimes I’ll see shadows out of the corner of my eyes but that could be a sign of age too.

But when I start writing this book, I become obsessed with the characters. Especially the main supernatural creature who is like half human half whatever.

And this unearthly energy is around me ALL the time when I write. It’s like feeding me droplets of information. Does this happen to any other writers? Do you get so absorbed in your story, that you kind of channel an unseen entity?

I had an idea when I started the story of what the main character might be. The more I wrote and worked on character development, the more easily ideas came to me. Last night, I started digging around on Google to find out if there were even creatures like this in mythology.

The Drauger – Shadow Beings

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon an old Nordic name – Drauger. Shadow beings who can travel between the living world and spirit world in dreams. I knew these types of creatures existed in other parts of the world like in Indigenous mythology.

But I had no idea they were part of the Nordics which is what my story is based on. Why? Because I am Nordic – well, half anyway. I have a strong background of Celtic-Irish descent and Danish.

The more I wrote, the more I wondered where these ideas had come from. Maybe I watched a tv show. Or maybe I had read a book about them. But the dialogue started coming from within me, like memories from a faded dream.

The Drauger, a term I had never heard before, described these beings so clearly. They’re neither living or dead. Their souls were refused by the afterlife. And so, they linger among the veil. They can travel between both worlds, without really belonging to one.

The more I wrote about these shadow beings, the more I wondered – how did I even know these creatures existed in folklore?

Stranger Things

Last night, as I was writing – I noticed the wind happened to pick up outside. No biggie. It’s windy here in winter months. I had my headphones on and I was listening to some good tunes while writing. I tried to take a break and watch the Olympics but nope.

Every time I tried to take a break, my mind wandered back to the book and I just had to write. At one point, I forced myself to stop for a couple of hours just to rest my body.

When I create these characters, these stories, I get lost in them. Consumed by them. It was like a Stephen King book that I had read as a kid – The Dark Half – where the writer is so passionate about his stories that one character comes to life.

Even as I type this now, I feel an energy around me. It’s hard to describe. But the energy is manifesting itself in other ways.

When I first started writing the book, things were quiet. One morning I woke up and a piece of my chandelier had been ripped out – like with visible force and was bent upright. I had to climb on a stool to fix it. It hasn’t moved since. This used to happen at my dad’s house after mother died.

But then things started getting weirder. I dismissed knocking in the walls as the sounds of heater starting up because it’s cold outside. That seemed more logical.

Last night as I wrote, a loud crash could be heard from the kitchen. The broom that had been perched against the corner of the wall had come crashing down with a hard fall.

I checked for signs of rodents or mice. But there are none. This building is well maintained. I dismissed this thought as just something random and pushed it out of mind. I moved the broom to the bathroom.

This morning, at 6:30 am, another loud crash woke me up out of a dead sleep. It was still dark outside and I had the fan going. I had cranked up the heat so the heater would stop making noises. It’s like -30 today.

I sat up in bed and looked around in confusion. Then I saw it. And that old uneasy feeling that I had at my dad’s house when I went into the basement crept up inside of me.

The old backpack I used for my hiking travels, which I had just written about that weekend, had fallen off the top shelf off the closet. But not only that, the door was wide open when I know it had been partially closed.

Spooked, I got out of bed, winced at my knee and put the bag high up in the corner of the shelf, making sure it was tucked in and closed the door.

I don’t have all the answers. I know the folklore of these beings or what it could be. But I’m also a person that believes in science and tries to rationalize things first.

The more these things happen, the more compelled I am to just finish the book. And perhaps, that’s what I am destined to do.

PS I might delete this later. I just had to get this all written down. I’m not scared. I don’t feel threatened. I was taught by the Indigenous Elders how to ignore and get rid of these energies. More than anything, I’m curious to see what happens next.

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