Recovery is a slow process

Just thought I’d write a quite update today. It’s Thursday afternoon and the temperature has dropped – a lot. It’s supposed to get to -30 over the weekend and it’s windy. Really windy.

On Sunday, I had a bad fall as some of you know. I’m still hobbling around like a gimp. I know. I know. I shouldn’t use language like that. But it’s how I feel. And – to be honest, I feel embarrassed for falling so easily. On the upside, my back doesn’t hurt as much today and the wrist feels a lot better.

Perhaps I’m just a big baby at this age. I’m really missing my mother too this week. She always knew how to cheer me up when I had bad falls as a kid.

I’ll never get used to having to use a cane. But I still can’t put full pressure on my knee. I couldn’t climb into the shower for four days. Finally got in this morning and it felt good. Climbing out of the tub hurt more than you can imagine.

I’ve had dislocations before. I’ve had bad falls before. But none hurt as much as this one. Maybe it’s because I’m older I don’t know. All from the tiniest patch of ice because I was careless.

So, I’ve been drowning my sorrows with comfort (but mostly healthy) food. I have a grocery order on the way. Another $120 spent on food – money I don’t really have. But we all need to eat.

Book adventures and reviews

I started writing another book last night. The story was inspired by a book I finished reading and reviewed. It’s about a woman like me so consumed with grief (and sometimes bitterness) that she starts to see her dead mother everywhere she goes. She even has conversations with her.

It’s like a spin on Postcards from the Edge but with a supernatural twist. How it will end — I’m still figuring that out. The story usually comes to me as I’m writing it. I’m having tons of fun with the dialogue.

It’s also a way for me to say all the things I wanted to say to my mother when she did, but didn’t get the chance to.

So mom, I’m thinking of you today. I miss you.

I’ll be taking the weekend off from blogging to write.

How is your week going?

Take a Moment | Healing words, Grief poems, Grief

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