Home Living: my indoor garden project #1

In an effort to save money for my food budget, I’ve started a small indoor herb and plant garden. I love using fresh herbs in my recipes, and so growing these ingredients just make sense for the long-run.

I turned to gardening channels on YouTube and TikTok to learn about what herbs and plants could be grown indoors year round. Our weather is harsh here in the winter and growing food outside is not easy. Our summer is so short, that it makes sense to start an indoor garden.

This is my “garden” area – and it is a work in progress. The pots are leftover from last summer. My sister had given me a pot full of herbs. They died the moment I brought them inside. I think it was way too hot in July. I’m hoping to get some more indoor friendly herbs going.

Spring Onions

Spring onions are a staple ingredient in my kitchen as I aim for healthier eating habits. Where I live, you can get them year round but prices can vary from under $1.00 cdn to $2.00 cdn for one small bunch. If you use a lot of onions in your recipes, that can add up fast.

The great thing about spring onions is they can be easily regrown without planting!

All you need to do is save the stems from your next bunch, add some water and store the glass next to a window that gets lots of natural light.

Growth time: Roots will take a few days to grow. I’ve had my onions in the window sill for less than a week and they have already grown pretty tall.

Tip: change the water every couple of days to avoid growth of bacteria. This is only a temporary measure. Stems will only regrow so many times. But at least you can save a few dollars this way. Chop off the greens and leave the stems in the water for regrowth.

For now, I have the onions in a glass. I’ll need to transfer into a bigger jar soon. This is after just a few days. I need to get some appropriate scissors too.

Excuse the dirt. It’s a mess.


This one is new for me. I reached out to a friend on Twitter who is a local farmer and asked for advice on how to grow celery. This plant takes patience and a lot of sun.

When you bring home celery from the store, chop off the sticks but leave the stem in tact. Fill a bowl or or cup with room temperature water and place the stem inside. It doesn’t take much water – maybe an inch or two. Place the stem in directly sunlight.

Within a few days, you should notice a little plant or leaf start to form on top of the stem. It will be tiny.

I was so excited when I saw a leaf pop out of my pot this morning that I had to take a picture and write a whole post for it! I think I’m going to plant it today. I can see the edges turning brown. It might be too soon – so I don’t know!

The advice I got was to keep changing the water every few days. Once the flowers have bloomed enough, the stem can be planted in dirt. That’s all I know so far. I’ll keep you updated when it grows again. I hope!

So, stay tuned!

As spring draws near, I’m itching to get my balcony set up again. We’ve had so much snow and strange weather that I had to put some furniture away. I miss my evenings outside. I’m also looking for affordable options to make the fence look good. I think I’m going to raise it a bit – no one has complained to me about it yet. Knock on wood. I also need to fix the rug. It’s soaking we right now. I’ll also need to clean the siding too in the spring.

The good news is Spring Equinox is not that far away. I’m looking at ways to celebrate the day as I get back into meditation and spiritual practices. I’ll share those too. I’ll share things like the spiritual meanings of herbs and gems.

Next to fall, spring might be my favorite time of year. It’s plus 4 today and feels like spring. But we still have another month or so of winter. By end of March or mid-April we usually have warm weather again.

Are you growing indoor plants or herbs? Let me know what tips you have in the comments!! I’m always looking for farmers, growers and plant enthusiasts to connect with.

Indoor herbs and plants
Rainy day projects

Note; I’m currently revamping my entire website. You may notice that some categories have disappeared. I’m going through each post, editing hashtags and adding photos. Stay tuned. This may take a while.

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  1. Bloglifenstuff says:

    This is a really smart idea!

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  2. I hope it works!

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  3. Bloglifenstuff says:

    I hope so too.

    I don’t seem have a green thumb.

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