Saturday morning coffee and winter Olympic games

It’s Saturday morning and I’m munching on an orange after having a really high carb day yesterday. But the good news? I got a full six hours of sleep!

The insomnia comes and goes. It’s part of the hypermobility. It usually only lasts a couple of nights then I crash for half a day and am all caught up on sleep. This stretch was pretty bad.

I had plans of getting up at 4:30 am yesterday to watching the opening ceremonies live from Beijing. But that didn’t happen. I woke up too late. I wound up finishing the ceremony last night on replay and found myself crying all the way through.

For me, the ceremonies make me think of my mum. We used to watch them together. It’s also a time where people come together from all over the world. And even though they are competing for world titles, most everyone is respectful of the rules and decorum.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I noticed the music was classical masterpieces on a loop. Someone cheaped out on music licensing for that. But then I thought about it after and the music was really fitting for the mood they were going for.


I loved this part of the ceremony. This is why I watch.

I cried during the speech where they talked about working together and respecting each other during the games. That’s what it is all about. With all the conflict and tension mounting around the world – things are getting scary. Especially with what’s going on in Europe and Russia.

This moment for me – I bawled like a baby. I couldn’t help it. Listening to the children sing, watching their little smiles – it was all so darling. And then stupid CBC Gem interrupted it with commercials and I found myself yelling at the scream.

Why would you do that???!!!

My thoughts on the ceremonies

I really liked the opening ceremonies. It was simple. Heartwarming. And it made me cry . The other thing that is amazing is the technology they used for the light display. Once I find some footage, I will share it here with you. If you missed the ceremonies and are in Canada, you can watch the replay on They are also streaming games live through to Feb 20.

My favorite sports

I’m not much of a hockey fan. I might watch some games with my dad. My family is obsessed with hockey though. For me, I prefer watching snowboarding, downhill skiing, speed skating, and especially figure skating. I was obsessed with figure skating back in the 90’s and even saw Stars on Ice multiple times.

I tend to watch a lot of the games and have it streaming on in the background. So, you might see a few posts from me this week.

Blogging news

In other news, you may notice that I’m republishing older articles. I’m going through all 520 of my posts from 2019-2021 and am re-formatting some of the more popular ones. I’m deleting or editing other posts. I made the mistake of deleting all my categories and have to painstakingly, go through each post and reapply them. I’m also working on hashtags, and just seeing what I can do better this year.

Yes, I’m writing a lot more than usual but I have a lot of things I’m researching and ideas are coming to me like crazy right now. So, I really hope you enjoy the new content and stick with me through this.

Cheers and thanks for reading.

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