January month end progress report

It’s Monday morning and it’s hard to believe that it’s January 31st already. Although not really. This month seemed to really take a long time to end. January was up down for many reasons. Mostly the weather. The snow has melted multiple times and the weather has been up to plus six degrees this week. Now today, it’s almost -30 and we’re getting extreme weather warnings.

This has been one of the worst winters that I can remember and I’ve lived here all my life. And I’m so tired of it. We had extreme cold for over two weeks. Usually, we only get a few days of that in a row. When it isn’t freezing cold or snowing like today, it’s pouring with freezing rain and the sidewalks have been nothing but sheer ice all winter. I have hardly left my home this month. I hate winter.

Weight loss progress

While the scales haven’t budged much, I did manage to lose a few pounds. I gained some back over the weekend because I splurged a little bit on junk food. But for most of January, I ate very clean. I relied on mostly fruits and veggies. I’m starting to up my protein intake to gain more muscle.

The strange thing is that while I haven’t noted any significant changes, my favorite pair of plush pants are starting to swim in the legs. Even my shirt I’m wearing – it’s old, now hangs down to my hips. The body works in mysterious ways. Some of my jackets are fitting loosely again and that’s good to see.

Food and inflation

I experimented with a lot of new recipes this month and tried kale bean soup, kale and veggie soup. Yesterday, I made some delicious egg and English muffins for breakfast. Paired with a cup of white beans. Beans and lentils are a good source of fiber and protein. Today, I think I’m going to use the crockpot and make some chicken. My freezer is full too of leftovers.

I had to restock up my fridge yesterday. I’m finding now that I’m cooking more, I can’t spend less than $100 weekly. Fresh fruit is so expensive right now and so I eat that sparingly, sticking to bananas, apples and oranges. I picked up a lot of green veggies and some spinach.

The price of meat is still crazy and I’m struggling to make ends meet. While disability covers the basics, that’s pretty much it. Everything has gone up. My insurance, utility bill, food. It’s hard to keep up with inflation.

On the upside, it’s only a month or so until spring. I just planted some spring onions indoors. I’m trying to regrow things like kale and celery. I don’t know if we have the climate for it. But it’s worth a try to save money.

Disability life

If I get approved for CPP benefits, that will increase to match inflation but it’s only a small portion of income. It sucks either way. I hate that I can’t work. I’d love to be able to write fulltime and make money from this blog. But I’m convinced that WordPress is just full of bloggers only who are trying to do the same.

I’m not complaining. I almost reached 1000 followers this weekend. I’m trying to get better at following people back but discovered about 10 of those blogs were run by the same person. They’re all spammy websites with health or weight loss posts. And they’re all the same posts. I’m tired of spammers taking over every stupid platform.

January was a rough month. I had migraines for almost three weeks. Then I came down with a cold over the weekend. It’s mostly gone now. Still feeling stuffy. I asked to switch Sundays for church so I have next weekend off from volunteering.

That said, I was able to workout consistently and can see a difference in my arms and legs. I took the weekend off to rest and will get back to it today. I feel better when I work out and surprisingly, the symptoms of PCOS were pretty mild this month.

Writing and music

Music is on hold while I work on my novel. I wrote over 45,000 words on the weekend but most of that is just a draft outline. I’m working on character development and background of the story. Writing novels – it’s a hard thing to do. I’m better at short stories or blog posts. But this novel is a dream of mine.

I am looking for a couple of test readers that I can share the book with. I thought I could honestly get the first draft done in a week. But nope. I keep changing my mind on some scenes. It doesn’t matter. I’m enjoying it and it makes the time fly by.

It’s also something to do when I can’t sleep at three in the morning like yesterday.

The weird thing about music is that December and January were the best months I’ve ever had for streaming music. I earned about $5 from it, which is sad. It barely covers the Distrokid membership fees.


I read two books this month. I’m still looking for books for February. Problem is, by the time I finish writing for the day, I’m not in the mood to read. I need to get better at balancing my time. So maybe that’s a goal for February.

What are you reading right now? Any Kindle recommendations?

I think that’s it for now. I’ll work on February goals but they’re pretty much the same for January. For now, I’ll bid you adieu and wish you a good week.

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  1. What, 45,000 words over the weekend? That’s a crazy amount, no matter in what form it’s written in. Amazing work. And you’re almost to 1,000 subscribers and I’m so stoked for you. Keep on keeping on!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much! I had to take a couple of days break because man that’s a lot of words. The most I’ve ever written.


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