Unpopular opinions: cancel culture

The following are snippets of conversations I’ve had online in the past few days or with friends and family. I think I’m sick. My head feels fuzzy. My nose has been running. I’m sneezing like crazy. My throat is dry. I’m whiny. Incredibly whiny. So, here goes nothing. Do with them what you will.

Truth right here:

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Thoughts on the Spotify fiasco

I’m not deleting my Spotify account. It’s the only place people really listen to my music. I’ve spent days, years even scouting out good artists and have 40 curated playlists. I refuse to give that up. Just because some 70+ musician has an opinion. Do I like Neil Young? As a person, no. His music? Sometimes. Do I like Joe Rogan? Sometimes. I used to listen to his podcast a lot before he moved from YouTube to Spotify. I liked his videos on government and UFO conspiracies. I liked hearing about his thoughts on some subjects. But then he switched studios when he moved to Texas. I hated it. His content changed. He has more fuck you money than most people. Spotify paid him $100 million to be there. They won’t get rid of him. And I’m FINE with that. I think it’s okay to have a difference of opinions. I listen to a lot of podcasts on the platform. I also listen to a lot on youtube.

Point is. If you’re going to cancel a service subscription, do it for your own reasons. Not because some random celebrity of the week tells you to. The cancel culture is too far gone. Do your research. Listen to all sides. You could use the platform and just not listen to Joe – like millions of other people do quite well on a daily basis.

Pretty soon we’ll run out of things to use or cancel. I refuse to take part in it.

Thoughts on COVID

I’m so over this pandemic. Most people are. It’s been almost three years. I’ve lost out on a lot of “life” as many other people have. I miss being able to see my dad without having to wear a mask. I miss days where I could cough or sneeze without having to worry if it’s the virus or just a cold. I’m sick. I’m whiny. And now I have to be isolation because it might be COVID. All because of a cough. Insert other random whines here.

Someone call my mom up in heaven and ask her to make me some soup please.

Jamie Lynn Spears is a terrible person

I’m not a huge Britney fan but I have been following her story for a few years now. I think her family is trash. Her sister is trash for writing a book that mentions Britney on every page. “It’s not about Britney, it’s my story, but Britney did this…” She’s a nasty, mean and manipulative person. She wouldn’t have a career if not for her big sister. I also think Britney should do what she wants and live her own life after finally being free. Jamie Lynn Spears wrote the book for cash. You can’t prove me otherwise.

Cancel Culture needs to cancel themselves

There. I said it. I’ve said it since it started. Celebrities started this and now it’s spiraled out of control. It’s why we can’t have nice things anymore. I have my opinions on some subjects and I’ll do my homework before making a decision. I can also separate the art from the artist.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer is still on of my favorite shows. But Joss Whedon is toxic AF.
  • Joe Rogan is entitled to share his opinions. I stopped listening to them because his content changed. Not because someone told me to.
  • I’m not a fan of Billie Eilish or Adele. I just don’t get it.
  • I’ve never read ONE Harry Potter book and I’m okay with that
  • And now Barry Manilow is trending??

You can try and cancel me too but honestly, I’m small potatoes. Remember when we could have a difference of opinions but still get along? When we knew if we didn’t like someone we could just not listen to their music or read their books? Can we go back to that, please?

Can’t keep track of the latest person being cancelled? Wait five minutes – it will change.

Disability Life

I’m so over winter and being physically disabled. I miss going for walks without worrying about ice and snow. The weather has been so up and down that everyone is getting sick too. I miss sitting on my balcony. I miss the longer days. I miss seeing friends. I miss being able to come and go freely without restrictions.

I’m so fucking tired of being sick all the time. If it’s not my back hurting, it’s my knees or my shoulders. My fingers pop out of place when I type or try and play the piano. I’m taking a break from music because I’m just tired – like all the time tired. I’m sick of waiting for appointments. I’m sick of having to explain my symptoms to new doctors all the time.

I’m sick of the anxiety going into overdrive causing me to overthink EVERYTHING. Like when my insurer sends me a standard form letter and I think that they’re cutting me off benefits.

Mostly, I just want to go back to life when I could move around with worry.

On the upside.. I’m down about 6 pounds from the start of the year.

So…. go little rock star. Go.

Anyway. I think I’ve whined enough. My book is coming along quite well. I have a good outline, characters are done. It needs some work. I need to add more scenes for character development. That’s where I struggle. I can think of stories, and all the details. It’s the development that needs work. I can’t just have a beginning, a middle and an end. Books don’t like work like that.

And so, if you’re looking for me – that’s where I’ll be this weekend.

Isolated. Alone. And writing.

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  1. Bloglifenstuff says:

    I agree a lot!


  2. Middager says:

    I hate the cancel culture! It’s sick!

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