2022 Blogging goals and changes for mostly single

It’s Friday! Which for many people is the happiest day of the week because it means the weekend will be here in a few hours. For me, someone who is at home all the time – I’ve started some new weekly habits that I think will help to pass the time as I’m trying to get on permanent or very long term disability. Don’t even get me started on that right now.

Earlier this week, I placed an order for groceries and it must have been the wrong time to do it because most of my order was either substituted or not in stock. This means, having to place a second order which is costly and time consuming. But more so, costly. I just finished putting my second order away and yay!! Everything was in stock. I was running low on spices so I got some black pepper, onion powder, basil, and red chili flakes for stews and soups.

Healthy recipes and clean eating

I’ve been trying to clean up my diet in order to lose weight – it’s a slow progress – and I’m incorporating more fresh foods into my diet. I was stuck in a food rut the past few months, but have decided to try something new. Vegan and plant based recipes. The one reason for this is that meat is so expensive right now. Beans and fresh produce are a great way to add more natural vitamins and nutrients into your life. I know my stomach tends to feel better when I eat healthier. And after just a couple of weeks, all my pants are fitting nicely again and my jeans are looser.

I’ve discovered some great YouTube channels that focus on clean eating and I’ve created a resource page for you. This list is a work in progress. If you run a vegan or plant based cooking channel and have high quality videos, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and I’ll check out your site. Note that links are not permitted so just leave a brief description on what your cooking channel is all about. If you have recipes that are anti-inflammatory – even better.

New Recipes

I’ve added a few new recipes and will be working on some more recipes this weekend. I’m trying to get back into recipe cards and will be sharing printable documents you can use. WordPress is limited if you don’t have plugins so I’m still trying to figure out how to do this.

Do make sure to follow my blog and subscribe. I don’t send out emails very often – and you’ll never be spammed with annoying popups. Note; while I do share some vegan recipes here, I’m not vegan. I love my meat. But I do like to keep an open mind when it comes to healthy eating and am open to trying new things!

I hope to post at least one new recipe weekly as health allows for it. I’ve had a rough start to the year with daily migraines and digestive issues. But when I have good days, I like to spend my time researching recipes and in the kitchen. Batch prepping and cooking really helps when you live with disability. It’s so great to just grab a container of leftovers and reheat them for lunch of supper. For this reason, I try and have a few meals in the freezer each week.

I invested in some mason jars for storing soups and would love to make my own sauces and maybe even jams too. Stay tuned for that!

Hypermobility, EDS and Mass Cell Activation

I joined a support group for hypermobility and EDS the other day. It’s helped to chat with others who are like me. I’m learning a lot from other patients and a lot of things are finally clicking. Like, I had no idea that breaking out into acne or hives could be caused by Mass Cell Activation. I didn’t even know what that was. Same goes for sinus infections and sneezing. I’ll research into this more and share an article in the future.

My brain finally has some relief from the migraines. The weather has been so unstable that it doesn’t help. I have new medications that work for joint pain but not for migraines. So, from January 2nd to a few days ago – I had migraines daily. When this happens, you’re left in a constant state of brain fog. This affects your motor function, memory, sleep and concentration. Basically, it’s like being hung over all the time.

When the migraine finally broke the other day, I celebrated by catching up on cleaning and cooking. The weather has been warm enough to sit outside for about 20 minutes each night and I really have missed that. I just bundle up in a winter coat and heavy blanket. It was really windy last night but quiet outside.

I’m counting down the days until Spring Solstice and am thinking I will really go all out to celebrate the day.

To learn more about hypermobility and migraines, visit my Living Well section.

Blogging and upcoming stuff

I admit that I got lazy over the past month when it comes to blogging. I took a break for a bit around Christmas time and am getting back into it now. Instead of daily diary posts, I’m trying to think of fun things to do here.

Good Reads Challenge 2022

I’ve already started a Good Reads challenge and have already completed 2 books for January. I have 12 books that I want to read for 2022. If you’re on the site, definitely hit me up there so I can browse your reading history too.


Fitness Challenge 2022

I’m back into my fitness challenge mode and created a post on my goals for the year. If you want to join me, please do. I welcome encouragement and motivational partners to help keep me on track. In addition to fitness and weight loss, I really want to work on adding more selfcare things into my life. I also want to build on relationships this year and spend more time with those I care most about. Winter is hard for that – but spring is nearing and I’m looking forward to getting outside more. I also hope to join some water classes but we’ll have to see what the pandemic situation is then.

Photography Challenge

There is a photography challenge going around on WordPress, so, I’m going through older photos to share with you. The pandemic has made it hard to do any kind of travel and I’m not in physical shape to do so. This summer, I hope to discover some local trails and explore my neighbourhood more. I’m very close to the river down here and hope to get out with some friends to go for walks. Unfortunately, I’ll need a cane to help me with those walks. But hopefully, I can get some awesome shots for you.

I’m still figuring out a good schedule for this – maybe once a week or twice a month. But you know me – sometimes the migraines leave me in scatter brain mode and I write what I feel. I might still share some artwork from time to time. I did start a second blog for music so as not to confuse my readers too much here!

2022 new year – new friends!

I want to hear from you! If you are running a blog here on WordPress in the health and fitness industry, let’s connect. I’m more interested in niche blogs such as plant based eating, anti-inflammatory foods, or living well series. I’m also getting more in touch with my spiritual side though I don’t write about that much.

I do plan on spending a little bit of time each day reading and discovering new blogs. After a lull of no new followers, I’m happy to report I’ve had many new people come to my blog today – and that’s a great relief.

I like to think of Mostly Single as a lifestyle blog where I can share information or thoughts on a variety of topics. That may change from year to year, or even month to month. I love writing about healthy living, recipes and food, entertainment, books and daily life events. If you’re looking for a niche blog – that’s not me. It’s not my style. If you like to read about a lot of things — then mostly single is for you!

Thanks all for being here thus far, looking forward to reading what you have to say! Please leave comments, and engage where you can!

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  1. I like how even though our ambitions may differ, that we’re still united by the want of a healthier body and lifestyle. Wishing you all the best with your diet plan, as I’ll be tackling mine as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh definitely! This year I just need to stick with it. It is so easy to fall back into old habits. So writing more here helps with accountability! Many blessings to you too!


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