Weekly photo challenge #1: black and white photos

In order to attract some new readers and get some more engagement on this blog, I’m going to start sharing some of my favorite photography with you from over the years. I’ll only do this once a week on Thursday or Fridays. There is a daily travel photo challenge going around on WordPress, but given that COVID is still going on strong here, I thought I would stick to some nature photography that I’ve done – both locally and across the country. I won’t be going on a plane any time soon.

I’ll share three photos per post with a different theme each week.

For this week’s theme, I’ll start off with a few of my favorite black and white photos. I’ll give a little backstory to each one too.

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Photo 1: Reflections

This photo was not planned. I was trying to get a good shot of the lake but just as I aimed my camera, the man in the photo turned around and stared right at me. I assume the lady in the photo is his wife. I’ve had reservations about sharing this photo online as I do not know this couple. But it’s turned out to be one of my most favorite images.

Photo 2: River Valley Stroll

When I picked up my first Nikon camera, I was in pretty good shape and went on hikes almost every week. I would pack up my camera and head out to the local parks or trails in the River Valley. I snapped this photo back in 2011 and used Corel to edit the photo. This image is currently sitting on top of my living room shelves in a frame. I get a lot of compliments on it from friends and visitors too. I really miss those leisurely strolls through the parks. I’m hoping to get out more this summer (weather permitting) and explore the trails in my new area.

Sorry for the annoying watermarks, unfortunately, scammers will try and claim work as theirs and I’m just protecting my art.

Photo 3: Butterfly in the mist

This photo happened by total fluke. I was adjusting my zoom lens to try and capture pictures of the horses at the ranch I used to frequent in Hinton. I turned and saw this little guy land on the water fountain. Luckily, he stayed still long enough to capture this shot. While this photograph isn’t truly black and white, I used the “focal zoom” option to edit it and I love it.

Weekly photo challenge

Join me as I go through some older photos and artwork to share with you throughout the year. My blog has hit a bit of a slump in readership and followers and so — I’m making a serious effort to post quality content for you to enjoy.

Are you a hobby photographer? Then I’d love to hear from you!

Please follow my blog — I post often and cover a variety of topics from Good Read recommendations, healthy recipes and daily diary posts.

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