Housebound again due to a rain storm –in January

After a great day on Saturday, I woke up to another migraine on Sunday morning. Luckily, I pushed through it and it wasn’t so bad. I managed to get showered, dressed and go play some music for a bit. Then I came home, ordered in lunch and took a nap. A four hour nap to be exact. And then of course, I couldn’t sleep last night.

I just climbed out of bed. This migraine is hanging on tight. I made the mistake of saying this in the group family chat and now they’re all giving me unsolicited medical advice and saying they are “worried.” Like come on. It’s been this way for the past year. I just kept it to myself. I just firmly told them I’m doing everything I can and I really need that appointment with neurology which is taking forever.

A big rain storm hit the city last night and surrounding areas and things are a mess outside. It caused power outages all over the city. I woke up to a text from my sister in law saying I should hold off on visiting dad. It’s so icy out there. Apparently, power went out in the school too and the kids were both sent home.

This is insane weather. It’s plus 2, and I have my balcony open in January. I was also able to enjoy the balcony this weekend a bit with warm temperatures. It’s supposed to get cold again this week which is good. I don’t think we can take any more of this freezing rain. Even the condo board sent out a notice that they were going to sand the walks and parking lots. It’s that bad. They finally got the back lot cleared and it’s been nice to go for short walks to take out the garbage. The rest of the area is sheer ice.

I had big plans today of getting groceries delivered but now I’m wondering if I should wait until tomorrow. My fridge is pretty bare though. I have lots of canned and dried food to use but I miss fresh ingredients. I had hoped to go to the store today, but that isn’t happening. We’ll see. Maybe tomorrow.

And that’s it in a nutshell. Just another Monday.

Update: I was able to schedule a grocery delivery for tomorrow. Instacart is starting to piss me off. I keep forgetting to checkout before checking the tip, thinking that the site will remember my last order. Nope. Are you kidding me? Asking me to for $20 in a tip? I cancelled the order and went back to Save On Foods. The prices are higher, but at least they don’t require tips!!

Grrr. It’s not like I’m exactly made of money. I usually tip $8-10. $20 is entirely too much especially on top of service fees.

And my entire family has texted me and has said, “Don’t go anywhere today or tomorrow. It’s icy.” So, I am staying put…

How’s the weather where you are?

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  1. Hilary Tan says:

    I’m sorry that you are having issues with deliveries. It seems like online orders are slow. I am still waiting for orders than I placed for supplements last week and there seems to be a 1-2 week delay.

    As for groceries… I don’t think I would have the patience with online deliveries plus I don’t like that we have to tip for everyday items. I’ll go to the store for groceries but I try to go once every 2 weeks (I hate driving). Today I went to a few places in the plaza down the street from where I live and it seems like there is a shortage for a lot of items. Dollarama didn’t have the jolly ranchers I needed which I carry in my pocket at work. Dollarama always had them but nope, not today. I ended up paying 3x what I usually pay at Bulk Barn for the same thing. They didn’t have the vinegar I needed either 🙄 And Walmart didn’t have calamine lotion or children’s Tylenol *sigh* My daughter is sick this week. And the coffee I got from MCDs was cold. “A disappointing drink for a disappointing day.” ☕️


  2. Instacart was really good in the summer. I think there are issues with supplies and staff due to covid. Now the weather – everyone is probably ordering in. I miss being able to hop in a car and going to the store without worry, or needing masks, etc. etc. Counting down the days until spring! Sorry you had a bad day today! Seems like some supplies are really hard to find these days. Hope your daughter feels better soon!

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  3. Hilary Tan says:

    Right?! I still forgot to bring my mask sometimes. I’m not used to carrying a mask around with me and it’s a pain to remember. I try to stash a bunch in my car but I’m always low on masks for some reason, or I end up losing them 🤷‍♀️ Last week, the temperatures in Calgary weren’t atrocious for once but now the Chinook is ending, and I have a bad feeling that the rest of the week will be frigid cold again with “extreme weather warnings.”

    Last week, my husband was sick. Now my daughter is sick. I feel like poop and seem to have a sore throat + fatigue every other week. Ppl at the hospital are sick and half the staff are sniveling/coughing. I float between 2 units which are both on outbreak/covid-watch right now so I wouldn’t be surprised if I picked up something from the hospital. Luckily, I’m vaccinated but still…. It’s not super reassuring knowing that we can still get sick despite having all 3 jabs plus the flu shot plus a N95 mask. Short-staffing seems to be a big problem everywhere these days.

    Ohhh, and there’s no rapid testing (PCR tests) to be found anywhere so there’s no way to tell if we have covid in this house or not. The school was supposed to send some home last week but didn’t receive them from the government, and now my daugher’s school is rationing whatever rapid tests they have. What a crazy ride this has been! 😷 Thank you for your prayers. Stay safe and “don’t get cona-virus.” -Becca


  4. Now that sounds like lots of fun! We had a bad storm last night too. Whiteout conditions. Roads and sidewalks are sheer ice. Not enough snow to cover the ice. Supposed to warm up this weekend which means it will be icy again lol…. and yes about masks and getting sick. Seems like everyone is coming down with COVID this time around.

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