Fitness update and progress report (Jan 2022)

It’s late Monday morning and I just gulped down an early lunch. My hours are all messed up because I slept most of the weekend due what I think was a stomach bug. I’m not actually not even sure anymore. It could have been a bug. Could have been the new medication. Or it could just be hypermobility. I slept most of yesterday. Saturday was a decent day and I got a lot done in the kitchen but I don’t know.

My fridge is fully stocked with healthy food and I managed to get all the pre-prep done on Saturday afternoon. I have carrots, oranges, apples and lots of veggies to eat. The downside is that I had ordered two bunches of kale, and wound up getting two bunches of iceberg lettuce. So, I’ve been eating lettuce with all my meals. Note for next time when adding in substitutions. How can a store run out of kale of all things? I had wanted it for some recipes.

My new diet plan is going quite well and I’m down a couple of pounds this week. I’m trying to eat between 10 am and 7:00 pm most days. Though the past couple of days things have been a bit off.

My new schedule goes something like this:

  • Sunday; day of rest, no exercise
  • Monday; 1500 calories, 60 minutes of exercise
  • Tuesday: 1200 calories, 45 minutes of exercise (fasting day)
  • Wednesday: 1500 calories, 60 minutes of exercise
  • Thursday: 1000-1200 calories, 45 minutes of exercise (fasting day)
  • Friday; 1500 calories, 45 minutes of exercise
  • Saturday: cheat meal day (order in), 60 minutes of exercise

My exercise routines are a mix of: cycling, resistance training, exercise ball (lying down, stretching), and weights. I have a couple of pairs of dumbbells.

You can read more about my plans for spring training here in my annual fitness goals post.

Calorie goals — tracking is key for me

Calorie cycling didn’t work. This way, I can eat a little more on days where I exercise more. And then have at least two fasting days during the week (Tuesdays, Thursdays) and a day where I can order in something like pizza and not feel too worried about calories.

For me, this is the only thing that works. I need to track calories. When I started tracking calories in 2017-2018, I realized that I wasn’t eating enough food. I was down between 900-1000 calories. The more exercise you do, the more calories you burn. And if you’re under 1000 calories, then that’s a risky thing to do. But I also know that the more vegetables you add to to your daily diet, the harder it becomes to hit 1000 calories. So, there is a bit of math that comes into play.

Overcoming food ruts and meal planning

I also get into food ruts and have to mix things up a bit. I got pretty tired of eating tuna every day for lunch with the spinach wraps. So now, I’m adding things like hard boiled eggs, raw vegetables and hummus back to my daily diet. I’ve made a couple of hot meals this past weekend that I’m using for leftovers too. And now I have lettuce I can use as a bread substitute. It’s also still great weather for soup.

What I have started doing is getting back into watching more cooking videos on YouTube. I save videos that interest me and add the ingredients to my shopping list. It really does help when you meal plan in advance.

The other night I made a delicious oatmeal chicken in the crockpot and have tons of left overs. I shredded the chicken and can use that in salads and sandwiches. I’ll be freezing the rest for later use. I’m still polishing off a chili bean dip that I made too. It was so good.

I’m going to have to place another grocery order this week to replace some spices that I’m out of. I also seem to really go through fresh foods fast. That’s a good thing I guess. I’m also hoping to see my dad today or tomorrow. I feel guilty when I haven’t seen and I was too sick to go on the weekend.

Selfcare is really important to me too

The weather is supposed to warm up and I hope to clear off my balcony from the snow tomorrow. They’re clearing the parking lot on Thursday, so maybe I can start going for short walks again outside. It’s been way too cold and icy out. Let’s hope that the worst of winter is over now.

That’s pretty much it for today I think. I’m trying to continue to write daily and focus on getting healthy. That means cleaning up my diet. Snacking less and focusing on eating more protein filled foods. And exercising at least 45 minutes per day.

It worked out that yesterday was my day of rest, and I took it literally. I slept until 5 pm and went back to bed at 9 with a dizzy spell. Passed out until 3 am. Then finally woke up at 9:30 this morning.

Today is all about selfcare, showering, getting dressed, taking out the garbage and maybe finally doing some laundry.

Updated: I started writing a novel. Taking a couple of days break to catch up on cleaning, etc. But it feels good to write. The day just slips by.


I decided to just do one fitness update per month. It’s now February 1st as I’m editing this. Actually, I’m going through older posts and deleting some daily diary posts. Reorganizing. Etc. Etc.

Things that have changed:

  • I haven’t dropped any weight. But my favorite pair of pants are swimming in the legs. I’m not exaggerating. Every day they get a bit bigger.
  • My arms and legs are getting seriously toned. I have lots of fat left to lose. But my shirts are all fitting better. I even fit into one my smaller fleece sweaters.
  • I have more stamina for exercising. The joint pain really makes this difficult. I can only exercise about 10-15 minutes at a time and that’s with the drugs.
  • I’ve tracked my food daily – all meals
  • I’ve exercised almost every day.
  • The inflammation in my hands and fingers seem to be going away. Same for my feet. But weird bruises popping up?? Maybe low on iron?

Anyway – that’s it for now. I’ll come back to this at the end of February.

Thanks for all the encouraging words.

PS and no… I’m not seeking feedback on my plans. I know this is what works for me. I’m using this blog to help keep myself accountable. And that’s a great idea for a future post!

How are you keeping fit this winter?

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  1. Coconut chicken…not oatmeal. jfc My bad.


  2. Bloglifenstuff says:

    I applaud you. I’ve given up mostly. I need daylight savings time!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you! I need to do this for health reasons. Seeing some progress thankfully.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Bloglifenstuff says:

    I’m not getting any younger… so I’m trying to stay healthy. But I’d rather eat and sleep every day.

    I support you!


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