2022 fitness and selfcare goals (updated)

It’s the first Monday of the new year and I had big plans to get up early and clean today but a migraine would foil those plans. I just woke up a little while ago and finished my breakfast and popped some pills. The migraine is finally subsiding and I have lots I need to do today.

But before I get started on cleaning, I thought I would take some time to write out my goals for the year and list of things I want to accomplish. I’m not a fan of making new year’s resolutions. I find resolutions are too easy to give up on. But if I create a list of achievable goals and set a timeline for myself — then I have a better chance of meeting those goals.

I’m also a firm believer on rewards. So, what I’m doing differently this year is picking FIVE major goals to work on and then break those goals up into monthly challenges for myself. I’ll be using this blog to track and share my progress with you all.

One of my key priorities this year is selfcare and getting healthier. That’s hard to do when you live with a disability, but in order to live a longer life, I need to make changes to my lifestyle – for the better. It’s hard right now given that it’s midwinter and so very cold out. It’s snowing now as I type this and even my balcony is covered with a blanket of snow.

So, here goes nothing!

Fitness Goals

Setting weight loss goals doesn’t work for me. But what does work is creating a fitness schedule for myself and trying to keep up with it. I’m going to try and get back into intermittent fasting because I feel healthiest when I do that. It just really depends on what my sleep schedule is. In order to stick to a 16:8 schedule, I’ll need to create a sleep schedule and stick to it too.

Workouts: 6/7 days per week for at least 30 -45 minutes daily. Take a break if in too much pain.

Join a fitness class: start attending fitness classes in the spring when the snow is gone. I’d like to get back into aquafit classes.

Use the gym this spring the fitness room in my building was closed most of last summer due to COVID. It’s been reopened. Once the weather has warmed up (March-April), the plan is to go at least twice a week and use the equipment there. It’s free to use and stupid not to take advantage of it. I just find it hard to get motivated when it’s this cold. And it’s so hard to walk on the snow and ice.

Go for long nature walks: once the snow is all gone, I plan on going for at least ONE walk per week. I’ll start small with 10-15 minutes walk and work my way up. There are lots of trails near by that I would like to explore – I just need someone with a car to get there. I would love to get my camera out and do some more nature photography. Or maybe I’ll buy a newer camera that’s easy to carry around.

Winter anxiety

My knee is too messed up to walk for long distances in winter months. When I see a slippery patch of snow or ice my brain just freezes. My body starts to shake. I think about all the times my knee has popped out and all the falls. Then I think about the fracture in my back. I’m getting better about asking for help from friends when we’re out together. But the snow causes so much anxiety. I’m very much housebound for winter months and need to come up with a way to get exercise in the home. I don’t really have room for a treadmill – too much furniture. I do have a mini-cycle and other equipment, but I miss walking!

I am trying to find a good pair of cleats from Amazon so at least I can take the garbage out with worry. The other issue is the cold. We had a couple of warm days on the weekend but now it’s back to a deep freeze. It’s too cold to go anywhere!

Food Goals

When I first moved into this place in the spring, I was doing pretty good with cooking meals every night. Then summer hit and we had extreme temperatures of 35-40 in July. It was too much. I relied on microwave meals, tuna wraps and finger foods to get me through the days.

In the fall, I picked up a crockpot and made a bunch of soup and stews. What I need to do is find a whole bunch of new recipes to try and experiment with. I’d like to make more soups. I’d also like to get a blender so I can tomato or butternut squash soups from scratch. It’s something to do during the day.

I got a bit lazy over December with Christmas. So, back at it next week. The price of food in general is insane right now and meat is expensive. I need to look at alternatives to cut down on spending.

So… the goal is to try at least one recipe each week.

  • Try one new recipe each week
  • Make more soups and stews, batch freeze
  • Share recipes here weekly and post on pinterest
  • Search for low budget meal ideas and stock up on pantry goods
  • Buy a blender and use for smoothies, soups, etc

Selfcare Goals

Now that I’ve come to terms with living with a disability (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), selfcare is a huge part of my life and a must to stay healthy. It can be difficult to exercise or go for a walk when a flare up is happening. So, I’ve learned that it’s okay to spend a day in bed if I need to. Or a week – like I did last week. I think I had some kind of stomach bug because it didn’t seem to matter what I did.

The hardest part about living with hypermobile EDS (I’ll write a separate post on this – I’m still learning about it) is that it causes chronic fatigue. The simplest of tasks tire me out. Even while making the bed, I need to take breaks. And so, this is where selfcare is really important.

  • Adopt a mostly clean eating lifestyle (I was doing well in the summer time!)
  • Exercise on a daily basis to help boost energy
  • Get outside for at least 5-10 minutes daily in the winter months (balcony)
  • Go for a massage 2x per year
  • Sit outside and read for 1-2 hours in summer months (balcony)
  • Have a hot oatmeal or coconut milk bath at least 1x week
  • Visit with friends 1x week or 2x per month
  • See my dad at least 1x or 2x week
  • Work on music every week
  • Write a little bit every day (alternate between 2 blogs)

I started a separate blog so I could write about my musical experiences and share my creations there instead of spamming this site with self promotions. I figure that’s the best way to do it. I’d like to get back into writing short stories as well and want to publish some more e-books. I’ve updated my Shop page and you can purchase the books there!

Photo by Jackson David on Pexels.com

Learn new skills

Being at home all the time means having a lot of downtime on your hands. I’ve decided to fill some of the time with learning new skills. I know I said I wanted to learn a new language a couple of years ago but I quit early on in the lessons. This year, I’m determined to learn the basics for Danish, and refresh my French skills. I took French for 9 years in school but remember very little of it. I can read a little Danish but would like to be able to watch Danish movies and listen to music and understand what is being said. There are a few other skills I’d like to learn this year as well and so I’m just listing all the ones I’m interested in. I may not get to them all, but even if I take ONE class a week online, that’ll be good.

  • Learn basic Danish
  • Brush up on French skills
  • Learn new graphic design skills
  • Learn how to edit videos better
  • Learn more about E-Commerce

This is a project I can take my time with throughout the year. At some point in my life, I’d like to get a certificate in coaching. But money is tight right now, so that may have to wait a bit. In 2019-2020, I learned quite a bit about E-Commerce but I feel like there is so much more I can learn. I guess one good thing about the pandemic is that we have technology to help us learn from home.

Good Reads Challenge

I’m going to restart the Good Reads challenge and aim to read at least ONE book per month. I’m debating on whether or not to order in physical books or find a site to download them. I find Audible is very expensive for what you get and E-Kindle – you still have to pay for books too after your membership fee. I’ll check out our online library and see if I can get books that way too.

So, for this challenge, I’d like to aim to read 1 book per month – which makes about 12 books for the year. Easy peasy, right? I’m also revisiting some books that I read as a teen and it’s been fun.

I accidentally deleted my Good Reads account. I’ll need to get that reopened and share my reads with you.


Now that I’ve looked this post over, I think this may be too ambitious. But honestly, if I break these goals up into monthly goals – it won’t be so over whelming. To recap:

  • Fitness goals: workout daily, join aquafit class, walk more
  • Food: cook more, learn new recipes, intermittent fasting
  • Selfcare: more outdoor time, read each month, social time with friends
  • Learn new skills: learn Danish, work on graphic design & video editing

Rewards: I’ll have to think on this one. Maybe I’ll plan for a trip next fall to the mountains. We’ll see how the year goes!

What are your selfcare goals for 2022? Let me know in the comments!

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