How cold is it today? Colder than Siberia!

It’s that time of year when Albertans play the “why do I live in a place that hurts my face” game. Last night, I passed out at midnight and woke up again at 6 am. That was way too early to get up. Then I made the mistake of checking the weather forecast. I had planned on seeing my dad today, but then I saw the temperature and noped out of that idea.

I finally fell back asleep around 8 am and just got out of bed not long ago. It seems I can’t sleep past six hours these days.

I just texted my family and said, “Uh, have you seen the temperatures? My body is not doing well in this weather. I won’t make it to dad’s today.” And luckily, they agreed that it is way too cold to go outside if you don’t have to. So, my dad will have to wait another day or to.

How cold is it you say?

It’s colder than SIBERIA. One of the most northern places in Russia. Yes, you read that right. It was -40c this morning with the wind chill. It’s supposed to go as low as -48 or -50 tonight! This is what weather used to be like as a kid. We’d get a really cold snap for about a week. One or two nights would get down to -52. Now that’s bloody cold.

You can’t do anything in this kind of weather no matter how warmly you dress. As soon you as step outside, the cold literally knocks the wind out of you. I find that it hits my chest and I can’t breathe. It’s dangerous for anyone with asthma or COPD.

If you don’t have a hat or scarf on, you can get frostbite within minutes. Mere minutes and you could lose fingers or toes if not bundled up properly. Wool socks and clothes are best this time of year.

So, the question is, what can you do on these cold winter days?

The most common answer is: NOTHING!

It’s a good day to stay indoors. Make some coffee or hot tea. Cook up some soup or chili. Or do some batch baking and let your oven warm up your home. Light up your fireplace if you have one. Turn on the Netflix or Prime and watch a new movie or binge watch your favorite show.

Grab a blanket, curl up in your favorite spot and get comfy.

That’s what I’m already doing today. I have leftover chicken pot pie for dinner later. And I think I might make a batch of vegetable soup. Or maybe a chili. I’m not sure yet. Maybe some healthy baking. Or I just might stay in my recliner and watch disaster movies. Have a couple of glasses of eggnog before it goes bad. And just do….nothing.

What are your favorite indoor activities on cold days like this? Also what’s the weather like where you are?

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  1. Hilary Tan says:

    “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you” is very fitting for this kind of weather. It’s miserably cold in Calgary and everyone is congregating in the malls. I don’t really want to be at the mall but there’s nowhere else to go… besides freeze at home. I would move to the tropics in a heartbeat.


  2. wendyjmusings says:

    You really can’t do anything in this cold. The other night I sat outside while having a hot flash in -35 and it felt good lol. But this. It’s just cold.


  3. Hilary Tan says:

    We keep our townhouse at an uncomfortable 65F (not sure what this is in Celsius) so I’m always cold. I’m currently having a hot-ish bubble bath right now which has turned into a daily thing during the winter months.

    That’s pretty clever to take advantage of the cold weather to deal with a hot flash lol 😂


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