Off my chest: I hate Christmas shopping – people lack common sense

I am getting so tired of dealing with customer service people who lack common sense. Look. I get it. It’s Christmas. It’s busy. You’re stressed. But hey, as a customer with a physical disability, I’m stressed too! I get it. But JFC. Use your brains!

Recently, I discovered Bed Bath and Beyond offers same day delivery. So, I spent the last couple of evenings scouring around for gifts for this blasted family gift exchange. I found the perfect gift.

A soup stock pot made of stainless steel for $28. I added a couple of ladels to bring the price up to $40. Everything was on sale. I just placed the order today, so it was in stock at the time of ordering.

I added a few other items that were gifts for my sister’s birthday and thought – that I lucked out. That would be over and done with. But nope.

I just got a text saying my delivery would be here soon. I clicked the link. And, what? The order total only came to $48. That’s weird I said. I double checked my order which would have been 6 items for $85. But nope. Only 5 items were included.

I call the store to double check.

They didn’t have any of the crockpots in stock but were still going to send me the goddamn LADELS. Like what the hell? What am I going to do with ladels and no pot? I told the girl on the phone that makes no sense. Why wouldn’t you call me? She said nothing.

So, once again, in 24 hours, I’ve had to cancel another order due to other people’s stupidity.

I think I’m a good person. I treat people fairly. I’m polite. I’m kind. But when she didn’t offer an APOLOGY or a solution, I lost my cool.

I calmly said, “Look I know you’re busy, but I don’t drive. I’m disabled. I’m low income. I was really counting on these gifts for Christmas. I need that pot .The gift doesn’t make sense without it. Has the order left the store yet?”

She said, “No, it hasn’t.”

I asked her to cancel it telling her again, ladles are useless without the goddamn pot. So she cancels the order. Again, no apology.

And that’s when I start tearing into her. I calmly said, “Next time please just call the shopper and let them know the main item is in stock.” And I felt myself get angrier and my voice raised, “BECAUSE IT WOULD JUST BE NICE NOT TO HAVE TO CANCEL AN ORDER!”

I don’t apologize for yelling. I’m just so tired of dealing with people with zero common sense. How hard is it to put two and two together? Like okay, maybe she needs the ladles for the soup pot. Which was a really nice pot by the way!!!

Now, I have to go out TOMORROW on a Monday in the cold and fight my way through crowds.

And no, I haven’t left things to the last minute. My goddamn family did with their indecisions about gift exchanges in the first place.

I love Christmas. But sometimes I fucking hate it.

Excuse the swears. It’s been a bad weekend.

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