Saturday rant: I can’t get a break but at least my condo looks great (Christmas)

Do you ever have one of those days where you just sit back and think, what ancient god did I piss off because I feel like I’m still paying off karmic debt? Well, yeah. It’s been that kind of week for me and I’m piping mad. I reached my boiling point. I’m just so done with life in general. No, no. You don’t have to worry about me. It’s just been a crappy week and I need to seriously vent. So grab some coffee. This might be long.

So, I’ve cut back to ordering food every two weeks. I wait until my fridge is almost bare in an effort to prevent waste. This week, I stretched it out a bit too long. Like it’s really bare. I need to clean out my fridge as there are few expired items. But the shelves are bare. I run out of fresh food pretty fast like milk, eggs, cheese and meat.

On Wednesday, I tried placing a delivery order through Instacart. Most of you know by now I don’t drive. It’s been bloody cold outside – we’re in the heart of winter now. They were warning of -40 to -50 temps with the wind chill the other night. It’s sitting at around -26 right now. It also snowed a whole bunch the other night. The roads are still a mess from the freezing rain last week.

I placed an order on Wednesday morning for a delivery. I used to be able to pick a timeslot but that option seems to have disappeared from Instacart. Messages to the company did not receive a reply. So, I cancelled the order and went with Loblaws. The only catch was, I couldn’t get the order picked up until today.

Last night, it was really cold outside. Like in the -30’s. I’ve complained about heating issues in my condo building to management before. They keep the main areas like the lobby and hallways really cold to help keep the costs down. I know this because the contractor who came out to inspect my unit told me so. I had asked him to complain on my behalf then but he said he has multiple times.

So last night, my condo is FREEZING cold. Even with the fireplace going. Fuzzy pj’s and the temperature cranked up to 27C. Now, there’s no way I should have to crank it up that high. The bedrooms get uncomfortably warm while the rest of the place is an ice box.

I put in an email to my landlord at 11:00 pm not expecting him to respond. He wound up calling me around 12:15 am to chat. He had put an emergency call to the office and said this is a real problem if it’s been going on this long. And he said he would bring the issue up to the condo board.

To give you an idea, the vent in the hallway is blowing in cold air. It was so intense last night, that I had troubles closing the door. The cold air is coming from under the door and the sides. I tried blocking it with a blanket but I shouldn’t have to do that either. Like come on now. He’s pissed off on my behalf and will be bringing it up to the board.

Then I get a call from management. And this is how the call went.

“So, you’re going to be uncomfortable until next week because it’s the weekend and we can’t change the heat on the weekend.”

Like, wtf?? Really? And he called at nearly 2 in the morning. 2 hours after the emergency call. He said they’d have someone come out to look at the main pipes to make sure nothing burst. But that’s just unacceptable in this weather.

Fast forward to this morning. I finally went to bed around 3 am and woke up just before 9. I have a migraine now. I’m tired and cranky as it is. And cold. It’s still cold in here. But I had food coming. I was hoping to get Wally to pick up the order yesterday but he couldn’t so we planned for today.

Well, Loblaw’s just called an hour ago to let me know there is a glitch with their payment system and they couldn’t process my credit card! They wanted me to come all the way across town and pay with the card. I asked if I could just give them my number over the phone. Nope. I explained to them I have someone from the west end coming to pick up the order to drop it off for me. There was no way I could make that work.

This is when I lost my cool. I was almost yelling into the phone. “I have no food in my fridge. I have no way of getting to your store. Is there anything you can do?” But nope. They couldn’t. And so, I told them to cancel the order. I won’t be using them again which is a shame because I love their deli meals. And then I had to tell Wally the order was cancelled.

So now I’m sitting here with an empty fridge. No milk. No cheese. No meat. No bread. No fruit. Luckily I had an apple and some peanut butter that I’m eating for breakfast. Don’t get me wrong. I have lots of pantry items. But fresh food seems to be hard to get this week. And with the rising cost of food, it’s bullshit.

I went back to instacart and booked an order for “fast and flexible” and you’ll get your food sometime today .Hopefully before the doors lock at 6pm. I’d like to eat something that isn’t soup or pasta.

Don’t even get me started on family crap and the upcoming gift exchange. My sister can’t seem to accept that we decided on the gift exchange. She’s asked the group chat like four times if it’s still happening. I don’t know if she’s just not reading the messages or what. But everyone else was like, “Uh, I thought we agreed to do the gift exchange for adults?” I don’t get it. It’s more stress than needed this time of year.

Anyway. I’m going back to bed until my phone rings with news that my order is being fulfilled. That will teach me to leave things this long.

I’m cranky. And maybe I need a hug. Or a drink.

Can I drink at 9:30 am? Is that too early??

And to the gods that I pissed off in a former life, can you please give me a break? Thank you very much.

Christmas Update

In all that ranting, I forgot about my Christmas update. I finally placed a Michaels order and got some cheap garland and a wreath. The wreath itself was dirt cheap $6 but it’s massive. I did order some supplies to decorate it but not nearly enough. Right now it just has the bare minimum with lights, a few flowers and my stocking. I’m trying to order in supplies but most stores are out of stock. So I might just have to wait.

I ordered two sets of lights thinking I could just stretch the lights down to the outlet. But nope. They don’t have connectors. So, I will need to order an extension cord or another set of lights. Frustrating! That’s why it’s not turned on. I’ll share another picture soon. The wreath is huge.

Hanging the garland was a bitch. The command strips kept falling off. I now have about an inch sized rip in my paint!! One of the hooks fell off and took some paint with it. Seems to be hanging on okay now. I feel like I’m still missing something though. I do have a bow but am terrified of sticking anything else on the paint. I would like my deposit back when I eventually move LOL!

I almost knocked over the tree when I tried to move it to hang the garland. I tell you. It’s not been a good week.

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