Lazy meatball and pasta casserole

Recently, I posted a recipe for an Italian Meatball and Pasta casserole and it was simply delicious. As a single person, these recipes can last me two or three days. Sometimes longer if it’s chili or soup – I just freeze whatever I don’t eat right away. But about a month ago, I ordered a bag of meatballs from No Frills and I had no idea how massive this bag would be. Three meals later, and I still have about half a bag left. So, if you see lots of meatball recipes in upcoming weeks, that’s why! It was a good purchase for $10 as it provided for three meals already.

I decided to try a lazy casserole the other night and it came out absolutely scrumptious. The meal took less than ten minutes to prepare and it was done cooking in under forty minutes. And the results were worth it. I’d definitely make this again – I might even do this with other casseroles going forward.

The days are getting shorter here with the sun going down by 7:00 pm and it’s hard to get motivated to cook some nights. But casseroles are great for those dark and chilly days. The oven helps to heat up your home and the hot food is somewhat comforting. Especially when you pair it with familiar favorites such as stuffing or mashed potatoes like I did. It was so good in fact that I polished off the leftovers yesterday at lunch. My mouth was salivating at the thought of it.

So, without telling you my life story, here is the recipe. I’m still trying to figure out how to upload these cards in PDF format but a jpg file will have to do for now.

Click on the image to download


This recipe made a lot of food. I had enough for three meals as a single person. I could have stretched it to four but honestly I had to have seconds. I paired this with a side of steamed carrots and boxed stuffing. You could also pair this with white rice, pasta noodles, or mashed potatoes.

What I love about these lazy recipes is that you can mix everything together in one dish and just throw it in the oven. It makes clean up so easy! I’ve started pre-cutting and washing all my vegetables ahead of time and storing them in containers in the fridge. Then the only thing I need to cut up is an onion. This really helps cut down on prep time. I know I keep repeating this – but honestly, it’s helped so much with cooking. Especially on those days when I’m not feeling well.

So, if you’re looking for something different tonight – then definitely consider this recipe. You won’t be disappointed. Italian meatballs have a certain blend of spices in them so you don’t even need to add a whole bunch of seasoning.

And if you omit carbs in your side dish, it’s pretty healthy too.

To prepare for a family of four, just double the ingredients. This will easily feed 2 adults.

I’ve updated my food page and all my recipes can be found here. I’m still working on older recipes and hope to have them all converted to PDF format. If you can’t read the PDF above, please let me know! I’ll be making more casseroles over the next few weeks as they are my go to comfort food. I’ll be sharing more recipes with you in coming weeks.

Alternatively, you can use the search bar to the right to find a specific recipe. Or click on one of the categories in the right side bar!

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