Practical Magic is a classic feel good Halloween movie

TikTok has a great way of reminding me of things I once loved and forgotten. And one of those things is movies that deal with Witches, magic or supernatural in general. And one of my all time favorite movies to watch during the Halloween season is Practical Magic.

I love everything about this movie. It’s got a bit of romance. Some dark humour. A great ensemble cast.

Now that autumn is in full swing, everyone is using the TikTok to promote their fall fashion and artwork. And one of the most popular sounds that is being used is the theme from Practical Magic by Alan Silvestri. I admit, this is definitely one of my most favorite soundtracks of movie history. Finding Neverland, The Lord of the Rings and PS I Love You are in my top five for instrumental scores.

But there’s just something whimsical about the music of Practical Magic. A movie about witches, love, romance, curses and of course, all things magic.

If this opening scene doesn’t hook you in, then I’ve failed here as a writer. There are spoilers.

All Star Cast

The movie was released in 1998 which was a fantastic time for movies in general. This was when movies were original and the writing was amazing. CGI was used sparingly, so movies were truly magical – unlike today where everything is filmed using a green screen.

Sandra Bullock (Sally Owens) and Nicole Kidman (Gilly Owens) star as twin sisters who were born into a very magical family of Salem witches. The family has a long history of witches and curses that they have kept secret to the small town they live in. Only a few people in their small circle know the truth. The Owen family are outcasts in their own town.

The Owen family is also made up of two aunts played by Stockard Channing (Grease) and Dianne Wiest (The Lost Boys, Parenthood). And Sally’s twin daughters.

Aidan Quinn, most popular for his role in Legends of the Fall, plays detective Gary Hallet who is searching Jimmy Angelov played by Goran Visnjic. I don’t want to spoil too much of the movie for you, so you’ll have to read up on Jimmy’s connection to the Owen sisters yourself.

I think what is great about this movie is that it is very female centric. The movie isn’t just about love and romance or death and loss. The movie is also about female empowerment, sexuality, and motherhood.

I was going to share the original trailer with you – but it gives away so much of the story.

I’ll instead leave you with this clip.

Hilarious Performances

I think one of the reasons I adore this movie is that is stars Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest as the aunts. Stockard is most known for her role in the musical Grease. Diane Wiest has also had a stellar movie career and was in popular 80’s movies like The Lost Boys and Parenthood. The Lost Boys is another great movie to watch this time of year.

In this favorite scene of mine, the aunts make their margaritas mix and the girls … well you just need to see the scene for yourself. After they finish dancing around the room, they wind up in a hilarious round of insults that will leave you howling with laughter. And then – that’s when things take a dark turn, making this such a great movie to watch around Halloween.

FUN FACT: Apparently, Nicole Kidman brought cheap tequila for this scene and the cast were actually drunk while filming! I think that makes it even more fun to watch.

The soundtrack itself mystical

The whole soundtrack to this movie is mystical. With songs from artists like Joni Mitchell (A Case of You), Elvis Presley (Always on My Mind), and Stevie Nicks (Crystal), it just adds that perfect blend of ambiance to the overall story. But my favorite score of the entire movie – is the theme from Alan Silvestri. It even inspired my Christmas song called “A Christmas Wish.” I actually still have the CD.

But this scene – it always gets to me.

A True Love Story

The main theme behind this movie is about finding love, falling in love, and the curse around this enchanting family of witches. It’s a great movie to watch with your partner – or even after a painful breakup. If you’re like me, and you cry at all the sappy movies, then it’s scenes like this one that will make you tear up.

There’s something innocent about movies from the 1990’s. Maybe it’s because stories that were told were well written and original compared to all the reboots and rip offs we have today.


So, if you’re looking for a fun and heart warming movie to watch – I can’t say enough about Practical Magic. This movie has a bit of everyone – for watchers of all ages. I love that TikTok has opened this movie up to a whole new generation and the magic of the Owen sisters is still very much alive today

53 Days of Halloween!

If you like movies as much as I do, then follow my blog! It’s Halloween season (already) and I’m excited to get back into watching favorite Halloween and autumn classic movies. I’ll share my thoughts about the movies and what I love about them. I won’t post every day, maybe a weekly summary or as I feel inspired.

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